Day 151: Weigh-in…nothing to report

Today’s weight loss: 0

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

While it’s disappointing to see no progress on the scale, I keep seeing the inches coming off. After some crazy carb consumption this week, including the sad state of affairs from last night that I am about to report, zero looks GOOD. At least it’s not in the plus column. I do hope to get past the 30 mark [again] next week, tho.

I started my usual day at work with yogurt, and ate 2 beddar cheddars for lunch. I left work early because we had tons of things to do, then a wine-tasting party to attend at 6.

I knew in advance that I would be drinking wine, and, each glass being 3-4 carbs minimum meant I was basically having a cheat night, and so I did. The eating wasn’t horribly off, although I did have guac and more tortilla chips than I normally would have. The big cheat was the wine. I had 3 gazillion glasses, then switched to rum and Diet Coke, then switched back to wine. In other words, I got smashed!

So, to see no upward movement on the scale after last night’s wine carb binge, plus the evening at Hayden’s, is a good thing. Today, I get back on track!

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