Day 150: Successfully navigating the tempting carbs

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Wow, yesterday had it’s ups and downs. I ate my yogurt breakfast, and had not prepared for lunch (again! you’d think I’d realize that I like to eat lunch once a day. LOL)

Rick dropped by and took me to Culver’s, where I had a butter burger with bacon, cheese, and no bun. One french fry.

After work, we went to work on the house. Brandon and Linz dropped by and were sorting through old clothes. I gained a new sweatshirt from Brandon and a pair of (size smaller!) jeans from Lindsey. I am really seeing some difference in size now.

Trivia night with the family team didn’t start until 9 at Applebee’s and wow, I was starving. Everyone ordered Margaritas…I was tempted, really tempted, but opted for water.

Then I started reading the menu. I had chicken last week, and it was pretty good. However, being hungry threw me off course and I just kept reading all these savory meals that had rice, potatoes, breading, and all sorts of side dishes that were verboten.

I finally reined in my wandering palate, and ordered the chicken fajitas. The plate arrived with rice. I ignored it, and the tortillas, and made a nice big pile of chicken, veggies, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. It was great! Who needs carbs? Not me.

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