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Day 159: Busy Saturday, not much time for food

Today’s weight “loss”: PLUS 4

Total weight loss: (sigh) 25 1/2 pounds

I actually was supposed to weigh in yesterday, but I feared the results after the high carb buffet binge. I guess my fears were grounded.

I’m going backwards here. Not drinking enough water, taking in too many carbs, have to get back on track. (The clothes are still getting larger, so go figure!)

I actually spent a little time last night getting out all my stored summer clothes and found that many items that were too small at the end of last year now fit. The dress I ordered for Brandon and Lindsey’s wedding in August also came and it is a size smaller than I was wearing when I started the keto plan. I guess I’ll just take it as it comes, but make a vow to get back on track this week.

Saturday was going to be a busy day. We were meeting the electrician at the rental house, then rushing back for our grandson’s birthday party with his friends at our house.

We took 40 minutes for breakfast at a breakfast buffet. I wasn’t thrilled with the choices. I grabbed some scramble eggs and squirted some nacho cheese on them, then added bacon to my plate. The bacon was floppy. YECK. I probably won’t try that again.

The we were off to work on floor scrubbing, molding, etc. etc.

We took a short break for lunch at Del Taco, and I had the burrito with no tortilla…and…a churro.

Back at the party, I had a small plate of taco salad with sour cream, then promptly fell asleep. It was odd, but I have been under quite a bit of stress: selling the house, the web business, big workload at the day job, tying up paperwork and loose ends after my dad’s death, and taking care of our own home. I’ve also been somewhat depressed and miss my dad. I guess it all hit me and I took a big long nap, woke up for a few hours before bedtime and ate a no carb cookie.

Anyway, I started the day on plan, then went over on carbs with the churro and how ever many tortilla chips were in the taco salad. End of story.

Day 44: Taco salad

Weight loss: 14 pounds

Next weigh-in: Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

I was really busy at work, so I ate a late breakfast yesterday. I had the usual egg bowl made by Rick, which is a really convenient and delicious start to my dad.

I had a “midmorning snack” at around 1, then ate a boring lunch: two hotdogs on a plate, topped with mustard. That’ll teach me to plan ahead.

By dinnertime I was looking for something different. I decided to adapt my taco salad recipe to the keto plan.

I cooked ground beef, added onions and black soy beans. Those are the only type of keto-friendly bean I have found. They are okay tasting, will help me get more fiber into my diet, and make a nice filler for mexican meals. I added taco seasoning and simmered it all together.

I ripped up some lettuce, added grated cheese, and topped with the beef mixture. Then I sliced up an avocado and put it on top. I used 2 Taco Bell taco sauce packets, because those are low carb. The only thing missing was the crunchy bag of Doritos. I cut a Flatwrap into triangles and sauteed in olive oil until mildly crunchy and broke a few up and tossed them into the salad. Of course, I topped it all with a dollop or two of sour cream.

The result was meh. It tasted just okay. I think there were too many tasteless items and not enough spicy ingredients to make up for the missing Dortitos. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t nearly as good as traditional taco salad. Experiment #1 was a failure.