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Day 286: Sunday at home – tacos

Total weight loss: 41 pounds

We stayed home today. There’s still a bit to do moving out of the sold rental house, but it was a chilly Sunday and we enjoyed taking care of business at home.

Rick and I made separate breakfasts, but ate them together. I grilled some diced onions, added 3 eggs and grated cheese. I microwaved 3 pieces of bacon to go with. The result actually tasted better than a diner breakfast and wasn’t very much trouble to make.

I wasn’t hungry for lunch, and I was busy on the phone chatting with a friend for awhile, then with my son and new daughter-in-law. By the time I was through, it was about 5 pm. I ate some almonds while I worked on some files.

For dinner, we decided to make do with what was left in the fridge. I had a pound of ground round and some low carb tortillas, so I cooked up some tacos, topped with cheese, lettuce and sour cream. They were pretty tasty. It was a big tortilla, so I only ate one.

I had an Adkins chocolate/coconut bar for dessert.

Day 224: Catching up on the blog (38 pounds down)

Total weight loss: 38 pounds

You may have noticed I’ve been gone for about a month. I’ve still been on keto, I just haven’t taken the time to blog.

The month had its usual ups and downs. Lots of stress, way too much to do and solve, but the keto habit remained ingrained. I had a few cheat meals, felt some remorse, jumped back on.

Since the last blog, I’ve lost another 3 pounds. I’m always happy to lose, but always look for that next highlight…this one is, of course, the 40 pound mark. I hope to reach it by Saturday (my son’s wedding day, BTW), but if I don’t then I’ll just keep plugging away.

As I think of any highlights, or low lights, of the past month, I’ll post them and try to catch up. Yesterday’s meals were nothing great. I have strep throat and I’m on antibiotics. I just don’t have much of an appetite, but I started the day with a low carb yogurt just to have something in my stomach. Lunch was way off the wagon – 2 beef chalupas and an order of nachos from Taco Bell.

Dinner was on track: chicken kabobs on a low carb bun. I had an Adkins candy snack in the afternoon.

In the evening, I had 2 glasses of wine sitting outside on a beautiful summer evening my hubby. Oh, and some Dubliner cheese with the wine.

I’ve probably been knocked out of keto by the Taco Bell, but I didn’t eat too much for the day besides that awful meal. (It wasn’t even very satisfying? why o why don’t I remember that before I order?)

Challenges to face this week: Luncheon at Macaroni Grill, rehearsal dinner at Traffic Jam, and WEDDING! I’ve had cheat meals, and I’ve had cheat days. Is there such a thing as a “cheat week”??

Day 59: More of the same

Weight loss: 17 lbs; next weigh-in: tomorrow

Yesterday began with eggs at work. For lunch, I heated leftover taco meat and assembled 2 tacos in Mama Lupe tortillas. They made for a delicious and filling meal.

I left work at a reasonable hour and had an early dinner. I used the spaghetti squash I had prepared earlier in the week as a base for  Cincinnati chili. It was just okay. I think something happens to the texture/flavor of squash after a few days in the fridge.

We were out of cocoa, so I made sugar-free lime jello with cream cheese mixed in for dessert.

Day 54: Delicious low carb tortillas and surviving a birthday party

Weight loss to date: 17 pounds; next weigh-in: Saturday, March 10th

Yesterday was Saturday. We decided to eat breakfast at home. I started playing around on the computer, and by the time I made myself breakfast, it was actually brunch. I decided I get enough eggs during the week, so I cooked some “Beddar Cheddar” sausages. They were meaty and moist, and I ate a handful of almonds as a side dish.

We spent the day cleaning for our granddaughter’s birthday party. I enjoy having parties, just because it means I’ll clean the house from top to bottom — then get to enjoy how great it looks for a couple of days.

I didn’t get a chance to have lunch, and I didn’t want to waste the pizza the kids were eating by tearing off the top, so I heated up some taco meat and tried the new Mama Lupe’s tortillas I received from They were really good and only 3 net carbs each.

Next was cake and ice cream time. My step-daughter Cindy made some beautiful fondant cakes and it was hard to resist. When everyone was busy filling their pieholes with rich cake and creamy ice cream, I whipped up some low-carb chocolate mousse. Of course, the adults wanted some of that, as well, so I made a huge batch. I only ate one portion, and it took away the craving for all that carb-laden dessert around me. I had a portion left over, so I froze it to see if it turns out like ice creams. Fingers crossed.

After everyone left, I sat down to watch some TV and was a bit hungry. The only problem was that my carb count was at the max for the day. I poured a big glass of zero carb almond milk, and that hit the spot.

Day 51: Pizza at lunch; tacos for dinner

Weight loss: 14 pounds   Next weigh-in Saturday, March 3rd

I had the usual breakfast yesterday, and an almond mid-morning snack.

At lunch, my boss provided pizza. I had a piece of 3-meat pizza and one with chicken and veggies. Added a salad on the side. Fortunately, we were all eating in our cubicles, not as a group. I ripped the toppings off the pizza and tossed the crust (literally a “tossed crust” pizza. LOL)

After work, I created 2 tacos from leftover seasoned meat and provolone shells. The Mexican rice warmed up well.

Dessert was chocolate mousse.

Day 50: Excellent Mexican rice

Weight loss: 14 pounds

Next weigh-in: Saturday, March 3rd

Day 50 and I’m still going strong. I’ve had a couple of disappointments on the scale, but the clothes keep getting looser. And–with Rick’s help–this has been fairly easy. The recipes that create mock food items, like spaghetti squash and cauliflower mashed potatoes, make me feel like I’m not missing anything. The high-fat and protein dishes keep me feeling full, and also keep me from feeling cravings when others around me eat sweets or bread.

The steak fries tempted me a couple of times, but as they say, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” Yeah. We’ll see if I can get to that “thin” part. LOL

Yesterday started with my egg breakfast, followed by a yogurt lunch and an almond snack.

By dinner time, I was ready to experiment with something tasty.

I cooked some hamburger in taco seasoning and prepared 2 slices of provolone cheese “taco shells.” Then I took out my trusty cauliflower and a recipe Brandon gave me for Mexican rice. He found it here, tried it, and had very good results.

I grated the cauliflower, then put the rice-like substance in the microwave for 5 minutes. In the meantime, I put 3 tbsp of butter and a 1/2 cup of onion in a saute pan. When the onion was translucent, I added about 2 cups of the cauliflower and 1/2 cup of salsa.

The recipe called for a “small” head of cauliflower, but even using only 3/4 of it seemed too much and it didn’t look very colorful. I added another 1/2 cup of salsa.

The results were pretty impressive. It looked and tasted like Mexican rice! Eureka! Another great substitute.

I felt like I was eating an authentic Mexican meal (well, authentic “American Mexican”, at least). It was no Xochimilco, but it was as good or better than Taco Bell. I totally forgot that I have some Costco guacamole in the fridge. I guess I’ll use that for tonight’s leftovers.

I know I added at least 2 more grams of carbs by doubling the salsa, but the results were pretty good.

Rick had leftover spaghetti, and it didn’t bother me in the least. I’m really not craving the pasta with these great available substitutes for the starchy things I used to eat. We ate quickly, then set off to pick up our friends Wally and Karl from the airport. Our home is close enough to DTW to make us a handy shuttle service.

Upon our return, dessert was the usual chocolate mousse.


Day 34: Lime cheese cake and weekday preparations

Lost: 0  Total weight loss: 12.5 pounds

Zero, zero, zero. Sigh. My plan to start weighing once a week after I hit 15 pounds may have to change. I’ll give it a couple more daily weigh-ins, but if I continue to see no progress on the scale, I may stop weighing for a week or so. Today, I think I’ll drink about 12 glasses of water. I’ve been reading ideas about how to get the pounds to start coming off when the progress is stalled.

I spent yesterday at home working on client sites and a revamp of our own business site. Before getting started, we did take an hour to have breakfast at the local diner. I had the feta omelet and bacon, and gave Rick all the extras that came with the meal.

For lunch, I cooked up some hamburger with taco seasoning and topped it with cheese, onion, and a couple of tablespoons of salsa.

I was in the mood for pizza, but didn’t have enough ambition to try creating a crust from cauliflower. Instead, I adapted a recipe I found that used a mini muffin pan. I put a piece of pepperoni in the bottom of each muffin slot, topped with mozzarella and a bit of onion and green pepper. Then I sprinkled them with pizza seasoning and put chopped jalapeno peppers on half.

I baked them at 350 for 15 minutes. The original recipe called for cream cheese, eggs, and other items. I think that would have been more like a quiche.

The result was just so-so. They were tasty, and they were cute little cups, but the jalapeno pizzas were too salty. I ate about 8 of them, but that was the extent of my dinner.

I learned my lesson about planning last week. It seemed like I was always looking for a quick meal or having a snack for dinner. While my tiny pizzas were cooking, I prepared spaghetti squash and cooked up some Cincinnati chili. Then, before bed, I layered all the ingredients for a 5-layer chili dish into plastic dishes, so I could grab one for lunch as I left the house this a.m.

Last night’s dessert was something I’ve been meaning to try; however, again, I adapted the recipe to an easier version. I had found a few recipes that used sugar-free lime jello and cream cheese to make a sort of mock cheese cake. Some called for cooking, some called for crust. I just mixed the jello and cream cheese together and chilled for a couple of hours. Before serving, I topped with whipped heavy cream.

It was heavenly. Rick said it hit every one of his taste buds. The flavor of the cream cheese blended well with the lime taste.

Day 22: Three weeks makes a habit

Lost:  0  Total weight loss: 12 pounds

No weight loss today. Maybe I should start weighing once a week so I get see larger numbers and feel that I’ve made more progress. I’ll continue through the one month mark and then possibly switch to weekly weigh-ins.

Yesterday completed 3 weeks on the keto plan. So far, so good. Even on days that I don’t see the scale move, or it moves UP, I really don’t get discouraged. This is an enjoyable way to eat, I have more energy, and my clothes are getting looser. What’s not to love?

I had the usual breakfast at work. The boss brought in pizza for lunch, so I had the toppings off 2 pieces of chicken with veggie pizza. I also had a small salad with oil and vinegar.

We had some errands to run in the afternoon, so I borrowed my son’s car, then I went back to work for awhile. After work, I continued trying to organize my new desk and switched around my filing system. My dad is being moved to a nursing home, so I spend a few hours filling out paperwork and researching some in the area.

Of course, I didn’t really plan dinner, we don’t have a car and the groceries are dwindling away. Fortunately, I had even more leftover taco beef. I think I should make a batch every weekend as my go-to meal in a hurry.

Three tacos on cheese shells and chocolate mousse with 1/4 cup strawberries finished off my day.



Day 18: The best tacos I’ve ever had

Lost: 0   Total weight loss: 11.5

Saturday mornings Rick and I like to go to the local diner. It’s our “celebrate the weekend” thing to do. The keto plan works well for breakfast anywhere; as long as there are eggs and sausage or bacon, it’s easy to start the day on plan.

After a breakfast of sausage and cheese omelet, we headed out to do some errands before it was time to pick up my friend at the airport. Jo and I were due at our trivia league finals, and before leaving home, I had an early afternoon meatloaf and cheese (1/2) low carb wrap.

At trivia, I ordered a Caesar salad with some water and lemon. (And our team performed terribly)

Dinner was the highlight meal of the day. I fried some ground beef with taco seasoning and made cheesy taco shells. While I was waiting for the meat to cook, I also threw together a pot of some Cincinnati chili with ground turkey, while I was cooking today’s dinner…I’m trying to get ahead on the meal plans so I have some quick choices when I’m hungry.

When the shells were ready, I put a couple of ounces of taco beef, shredded cheese, onions, and sour cream in each taco. Then I pitted and chopped up an avocado and topped each some of that. The result was the best tacos I’ve eaten in a long time. I’m not sure if it was the cheesy shells, the fact that I used beef instead of my normal ground turkey, or the avocado topping, but they were very very tasty.

I’m still amazed that I can each rich, delicious foods like this and continue to lose weight so quickly. I guess I was “allergic” to carbs? This is by far the easiest diet to adapt to that I’ve come across. At the most, I think I’ve lusted over the idea of some steak fries. Besides that, I’d like to find some type of low-carb bread, but I’m not missing that too much so far.

Day 4: Yum, stuffed mushrooms and a crazy day

Today’s weight loss: 2 pounds
Total weight loss since 1/12/2012: 6 1/2 pounds

Yesterday, I got a very late start on breakfast.

My husband Rick and I have my 88-year old dad stay with us every Friday thru Sunday. He suffers from Alzheimer’s and can’t live alone. By the time I got him up, fed, showered, and settled in his room with some fresh clothes, I didn’t get breakfast until 1:30 p.m. There were some major difficulties during shower time…he was unable to get out of the tub and landed on the floor. He wasn’t hurt; he just sort of slowly slipped down to a sitting position. Nonetheless, my husband and I had quite a time trying to maneuver and lift him.

Once that trauma was over, Rick went off to get some groceries to aide in my new keto diet. He’s a very supportive husband and has tried each of the new recipes with me. He is also the grocery shopper and cook in the marriage, so with him on board, my chances of being successfully carb-free are great! As the “not-cook,” I am surprised to find I’m enjoying playing around with some of these wonderful recipes I’ve found online. Maybe this cooking thing isn’t so bad, after all.

So, at 1:30, I experimented with my nuked cheese crackers and enjoyed a relaxing brunch.

Because I ate breakfast so late, I never really had a true lunch. Dinner was stuffed mushroom appetizers, then 2 pulled pork tacos. (See a picture in my last post.)

Rick altered his classic mushroom recipe by using crumbled pork rinds instead of bread crumbs. He also left the sweet spicy hot sauce off (8 carbs a tbsp!), and I dipped mine in a small bowl to get a bit of the flavor without all the carbs.

My energy level is fantastic. I never feel like cleaning the kitchen after dinner, but I spent an hour and a half tidying up last night. It sparkles! I can’t seem to stop moving. So far, I’m a big fan of the keto eating plan!

Yesterday’s meals –

Breakfast: 6 “cheese-its” with avocado/spinach/parmesan dip

Lunch: 4 stuffed mushrooms with 2/3 tbsp of sweet/hot sauce

Dinner: 2 tacos made from Costco pulled pork, provolone cheese shells, grated cheese/onions/Taco Bell hot sauce

Snack: 2 pcs Lindt 79% chocolate and one glass of cabernet

Splurge: 1 diet coke