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Day 293: Trying a new chicken piccata recipe

Total weight loss: 41 1/2 pounds

Sunday morning and we decided to stay in for breakfast. It was a chilly, but sunny day and it was nice to eat in our cozy home. I had a leftover egg/sausage/cheese bowl that Rick had made for my Friday breakfast at work. I didn’t get around to eating it, and it was a perfect easy-peasy breakfast for someone who doesn’t love to cook. I ate that while attempting the NYT puzzle. This week’s was a bear!

On to the busy day: we went for one last clean out at the house we sold. I spent the day washing out the fridge, washing floors, vacuuming, sweeping, and for the grand finale: carrying old boxes, paints, and sundry items out of the basement. It was good exercise, but I was achy when finished.

We took a mid-day break at the Del Taco nearby. I wonder if that’s the last lunch I’ll have there, now that the house is sold. I ordered the macho beef burrito and was eating it without the tortilla, when I realized that it had beans in it. The guy taking our order did keep messing up, so I wasn’t surprised. I decided to eat it anyway, since I already had planned to have a cheat lunch due to the addition of 2 churros.

Eating the cheat lunch didn’t stop me from trying out a new keto-friendly dinner recipe. I think I am getting the hang of being balanced about this plan. I used to be so “all or nothing” that I would have just eaten a lot of carbs for the rest of the day since my lunch consumption was far from perfect. After more than 9 months on keto and nearing the 50 pound mark (woohoo!), I have learned to jump back on the wagon right away.

Chicken piccata ingredients include chicken (duh), garlic, white wine, lemon juice, and capers. I added mushrooms to make it similar to the meal I had at Angelo Brothers a few nights ago. Rick kindly shopped for the ingredients, and even cut the chicken and pounded it flat with a mallet. After that, the whole recipe took me less that 20 minutes to complete.

I sauteed the chicken in olive oil and butter, then transferred to a plate. Then I sauteed garlic and mushrooms, added wine and lemon juice, then added capers. I let this simmer.  

I put the chicken back in the pan and simmered some more. Unfortunately, here’s were I goofed up. I decided there wasn’t enough liquid, so I added more wine and lemon juice. I think adding these at the end made the recipe too lemony-flavored. I believe these ingredients need to be set early in the simmering stage so as not to be such a prominent flavor. It was good, but not exactly right.I had some leftover cauliflower mashed potatoes and those made a great side item, since the soaked up the delicious gravy.

All in all, it was pretty good, but I need to work on it. I was tired from a long day, and didn’t feel like cooking, but it was a really nice and quick meal. I’ll attempt it again next week and see if I can get the proportions right, then I’ll post the entire recipe on the blog.

Day 285: Yummy steak with onion blue cheese sauce

Total weight loss: 41 pounds [I like typing that]

Saturday morning breakfast at the diner – cheese/onion omelet with a side of bacon

We worked on emptying and readying the house we  [finally] sold. We packed and cleaned for a few hours. This stuff seems to multiply. Afterwards, we went to Del Taco. I had the usual macho beef burrito and opened up and ditched the tortilla.

My 2 pounds weight loss yesterday morning buoyed my spirits. I’m sometimes tempted to “reward myself” with some kind of cheat meal, but realized it would be better to save that for when I’m not losing, to perhaps shock my body into responding to the diet. So, I didn’t have a cheat meal, but my compromise was eating 1 1/2 cinnamon churros. I have to admit they were good. Now I will look at the carb count…..egad – 21 carbs per churro. So much for being in ketosis. Sigh. So, I had approximately 32 extra grams of carbs yesterday. Not good.

Oh, another tip: carry a “real” fork with you. I carry one in my purse and it comes in handy when I order things like this burrito, or a burger with no bun. I HATE using a plastic fork, and some of those burgers actually break them.

Dinner was legal and delish. Rick grilled steaks. I made the accompanying blue cheese onion cream sauce and some cauliflower mashed potatoes. Before dinner, I cleaned the house, put the tv/pc back in order (the old hard drive had failed), and generally spruced up the place. While cleaning out the sold house earlier in the day, I had grabbed Brandon and Lindsey’s lamp set, which they aren’t currently using, and I put one on each side of our Ansel Adams print next to the table. It looked warm and elegant, so we ate our gourmet dinner using cloth napkins and each had a glass of cabernet. I had one more glass out on the deck [oh, what the heck? I already ate 30+ carbs of churro earlier – bad attitude, I know].

Dessert was the usual choco/peanut butter low carb treat.

Day 178: Work work work

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

Thursday started well. We didn’t eat breakfast until late, and we ate at a local place called, “Toast.”

I ordered a cheese and mushroom omelet with a side of bacon. I packed hashbrowns and toast to go for Rick to have at his leisure. The food was good, and the mushrooms added a delicious tanginess to my eggs.

We worked on the house all day, painting, tiling, cleaning, and generally making it appealing so it will sell.

Lunch was a burrito with no tortilla from Del Taco. I strayed a bit and ate a churro. Oops.

Dinner was Indian butter chicken.

Day 174: Almost perfect keto day

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

The day started well when I put on last year’s bathing suit. It used to be tight, but no longer! In fact, it’s a bit loose.

I am feeling really good about the keto plan. It’s not quick, but it is the absolute best plan I have been on in years. I just passed the six month point, so at a 31 1/2 pound weight loss, I’ve only averaged 5 pounds per month. However, that’s fine and I’m happy. I can stick to this plan, and it is now an ingrained habit. I have a long way to go, but knowing I will probably have 60 pounds off by the end of the year is something more to look forward too. A year from now, it could be 90 pounds off. It just gets better and better.

So, back to the journal…after Saturday’s carb coma, I jumped back into keto full swing on Sunday morning.

Breakfast was at home on the deck. Being the loving and dedicated wife that I am, I made Rick a couple of dozen blueberry pancakes to go with his eggs and sausage, but didn’t touch a one. I made a grilled onion and cheese omelet for myself, and nuked 4 pieces of bacon to go with. The NYT puzzle was pretty easy, and I followed breakfast and puzzle with an hour in the pool.

In the afternoon, we got to work on the house, painting, cleaning, etc. etc. Cindy and Taylor helped and they also ran out to get some Del Taco for lunch. I ate the macho beef burrito with no tortilla. I did indulge in 3 chips with salsa.

We were tired and dragging at the end of the day. We didn’t get home until 8 pm. I was mulling over what we could eat that wouldn’t take much effort. Rick was in the mood for pizza, but wasn’t married to the idea. I finally remembered that we had some kielbasa and sauerkraut in the fridge. They’ve both been there for awhile, but were still good. I threw the kraut in a pot, chopped up the kielbasa and started them to boil.

I found some frozen cauliflower and cooked it in the microwave for about 5 minutes, then put it in the food processor with 6 oz of cream cheese and a tbsp of butter. I had my faux potatoes ready, then made Rick some “real” mashed potatoes from a packet I found in the larder.

That was easy. When the food was cooked, I put a lid on it, and joined Rick on the deck. I drank a Michelob Ultra and we chilled a bit. Afterwards, we ate our meal and the faux cauliflower mashed were hardly any different than the regular when paired with the kraut and keilbasa.

Now for the flaw in the day…I was out of 70% chocolate, and I wanted something. I ate a DONUT. sigh. I can’t believe it myself. I have no excuses. It’s done.

Day 167: Sunday working at the rental

Total weight loss: 31 pounds

Sunday breakfast was at a new place: Thomas’s Family Restaurant. I ordered a bacon/cheese/onion omelet. I didn’t order a side of bacon, since it was already in the eggs. I wasn’t thrilled with it. I have realized that I never like an omelet that contains small, hard items. I’ll like my omelets smooth, like my men. (Rick is bald. Bad joke.)

Anyway, the NYT puzzle was pretty simple, the eggs weren’t great….and we needed to rush over to meet the electrician for some more work on the house. It is ALMOST ready for sale.

We worked for about 5 hours, then hit the Del Taco across Telegraph. I ate the usual macho beef burrito, sans tortilla. I did indulge in a churro. I have to look up the carbs, but I know it isn’t good news. (OK, I just looked: 21 grams of carbs. An entire day’s worth, but much better than I feared.)

We didn’t get home until around 7. Dinner was chicken kabobs (without skewers). I had mine on a huge low carb tortilla. It was really filling and delicious.

Dessert was two squares of 79% chocolate with natural peanut butter.

Day 159: Busy Saturday, not much time for food

Today’s weight “loss”: PLUS 4

Total weight loss: (sigh) 25 1/2 pounds

I actually was supposed to weigh in yesterday, but I feared the results after the high carb buffet binge. I guess my fears were grounded.

I’m going backwards here. Not drinking enough water, taking in too many carbs, have to get back on track. (The clothes are still getting larger, so go figure!)

I actually spent a little time last night getting out all my stored summer clothes and found that many items that were too small at the end of last year now fit. The dress I ordered for Brandon and Lindsey’s wedding in August also came and it is a size smaller than I was wearing when I started the keto plan. I guess I’ll just take it as it comes, but make a vow to get back on track this week.

Saturday was going to be a busy day. We were meeting the electrician at the rental house, then rushing back for our grandson’s birthday party with his friends at our house.

We took 40 minutes for breakfast at a breakfast buffet. I wasn’t thrilled with the choices. I grabbed some scramble eggs and squirted some nacho cheese on them, then added bacon to my plate. The bacon was floppy. YECK. I probably won’t try that again.

The we were off to work on floor scrubbing, molding, etc. etc.

We took a short break for lunch at Del Taco, and I had the burrito with no tortilla…and…a churro.

Back at the party, I had a small plate of taco salad with sour cream, then promptly fell asleep. It was odd, but I have been under quite a bit of stress: selling the house, the web business, big workload at the day job, tying up paperwork and loose ends after my dad’s death, and taking care of our own home. I’ve also been somewhat depressed and miss my dad. I guess it all hit me and I took a big long nap, woke up for a few hours before bedtime and ate a no carb cookie.

Anyway, I started the day on plan, then went over on carbs with the churro and how ever many tortilla chips were in the taco salad. End of story.

Day 103: Let the weekend begin!

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

Saturday morning began with a small breakfast of leftovers: the pizza squasherole with some almonds. I worked at home on the budget and some web design.

For lunch, we went to Del Taco. I must admit, after my bad weigh-in, I was a little frustrated. I ordered the mucho burrito and tossed the tortilla, but I was really really tempted to buy a churro. I thought about it, but decided that eating a cheat meal after a bad weigh-in is a bad idea. I need to thoughtfully, carefully, plan a cheat meal, or even a cheat day, not do it emotionally. I did have 4 of Rick’s french fries.

We worked on installing doors at the rental house, then went to visit my dad. It was late when we arrived home, and I, of course, had nothing planned to eat. I got out 3 pieces of sliced ham, spread cream cheese on them, and topped them with onion. I rolled each into a loose sandwich and that was dinner. Oh, I had some almonds as a light accompaniment.

Dessert was 2 pieces of 70% cocoa bar with peanut butter.

Day 89: Working through the disappointment

Total weight loss: 21.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 14th

After yesterday’s weigh-in, I debated having a cheat day, or even just a cheat meal. We were at breakfast, and I ordered eggs with cheese and onions. My meal came with toast and hash browns. I don’t particularly care for hash browns, but this restaurant also offers potato pancakes as a substitution. I ordered them.

When the meal came, I stared down the pancakes. I really really like them, and I was still reeling from the zero loss disappointment. Should I just have a cheat day? Naw. I gave them to Rick. I think I need to NOT cheat when it’s an emotional decision. If I’m having a cheat day, it’s going to be because it was a planned maneuver to restart my metabolism.

We worked on the rental house all day. I finished grouting tile, painted a door, put on new door hardware, tried to unstop a drain, put an electric box cover on, and painted a fence.

In between chores, Rick ran up to Del Taco and got me the mucho grande burrito, or whatever it’s called. I skipped the tortilla.

Back home, we were both pretty tired, but our own house needs work, too. We started cleaning off the deck and getting the yard ship-shape. By then it was late, and I was too tired to cook. I had a handful of almonds and joined Rick outside by the bonfire for a drink. Afterwards, I heated up grilled chicken in a Flat Out tortillas with the usual garnishments. We had some chocolate mousse for dessert.

I made it through the disappointment. I’m going to beat this fat or die trying.

Day 83: Sunday at work; Del Taco beef burrito

Total weight loss: 21.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 7th

I spent Sunday morning and evening at work, and the afternoon sorting molding for the Drexel house. FUN.

I skipped breakfast (I know, I know, that’s not good). I wanted to get this book deadline sewed up so I could relax. After working a couple of hours, Rick and I headed to Del Taco, where I ordered the Mucho Beef Burrito, or some such name. Of course, it came in its handy disposable giant tortilla. LOL

Hours later, after working at the rental house and going into my day job to check out the book’s final stages, I finally had some dinner. I heated up 2 Beddar Cheddars with a side of cream cheese.

Later, while watching TV, I had 2 pieces of 70% cocoa chocolate bar topped with organic peanut butter., my unique version of a peanut butter cup.

Before hitting the hay, I looked around for some unique recipes. I came across this interesting blog: I look forward to trying out some of these delicious-looking appetizers and meals.