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Day 5: The birthday party

It was Friday, and I had a good start with a keto-friendly breakfast (eggs/bacon, of course).

I was only working until 1:30, then my son/wife, niece/husband/kids and I were getting together at 3 to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My dad died last May, and his great-grandson Owen decided we should get together as usual and have a party for him. We ordered his favorite pizza, I made the cake he always baked, we watched some videos of him, and had some pictures out.

llrcakeIt was nice, and I decided to go for a cheat meal and just enjoy it. I had 4 pieces of pizza (with crust) and some lemon/lime refrigerator cake.

Breakfast and the party food was all I ate for the day. At home that evening, I was pretty hungry, and made the unwise decision to have a glass of wine. Maybe it was thinking about and missing my dad, but I ended up eating no more, but drinking a bottle of wine. Sigh. Bad decisions all around.

I’m pretty sure the carb count was astronomical. Let’s start over tomorrow.


Day 160: Sunday – another birthday party

Total weight loss: 25 1/2 pounds

We had our typical Sunday morning breakfast. I ordered a 3-cheese omelet with a side of bacon and enjoyed my NYT puzzle. I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime, so I just had a no carb cookie snack.

Dinner was a party at my niece, Marsha’s, house. I ate a brat, and some of her delicious buffalo chicken dip. It’s that dip that tastes like chicken wings, with spicy buffalo sauce. I just eat it on my plate with a fork. Who needs chips for dipping?

I caved in to my craving for bean dip and had about a tablespoon on three tortillas. All in all, I did okay and made it through another party without giving into the carb monster.


Day 105: Birthday cupcakes

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

Back to work on Monday morning after an early morning dental appointment. I wasn’t able to eat until noon due to a numb and sore mouth. I ate leftover broccoli hamburger Alfredo casserole. It had a lot more flavor on day two.

For a snack, I tried to eat some almonds, but it wasn’t easy, so I didn’t have many.

After work, we were supposed to go work on the house, but after receiving some bad news about my Dad’s prognosis, I just felt tired and out of it. My mouth still hurt, so I warmed up some casserole again. It was a nice comfort food, and I ate it while relaxing in front of the tv.

It was trivia night at Albert’s. I wasn’t too hungry so I ordered the low carb wings. The flavor is great, but I sure hate the texture of dark meat and skin. Rick insists that wings are white meat, but I know better.

It was Jim’s birthday celebration and–after staring at them for 15 minutes–I decided to take 2 small bites of a cupcake. That did the trick. I have no idea how many carbs. I’ll have to try to calculate later.

Back home, I had 2 squares of 70% cocoa with peanut butter.

Day 74: Breaking the weight barrier – 21 pounds lost; many more to go

Lost:  3.5 pounds    Total weight loss: 21 pounds


I broke the 20 pound weight loss threshold. Since I’m just over ten weeks into it, that averages 2 pounds a week. I can live with ~10 pound loss every month or so. In fact, as Rick always says, no matter how fast or slow I lose, I’m going in the right direction.

I’m debating another cheat day tomorrow. We’ll see.

I had the day off work, but it was a busy day.

We had to be at Rick’s dentist appointment by 8:15, then rushed from there to the memorial service for a dear friend. On the way, we stopped at 7-11, where I picked up a small cheese packet and a sausage biscuit. I gave Rick the biscuit.

After the service, we were invited to a lunch buffet. I put together a salad, then chose some cooked cauliflower and broccoli, a chicken breast, and some roast beef au jus.

I had to talk myself past the pasta salads. They have always appealed to me, and I was thinking, hey, it was an emotionally tough morning, just eat what you want. Then, I thought, no, I WANT to make this plan work, and once I ate the food on my plate, I wouldn’t crave the salads anymore. Amazingly, the chocolate mousse and other desserts didn’t affect me as much.

At 5, the family met in the activity room at the nursing home for my dad’s birthday party. Brandon made a delicious spinach and artichoke dip so we’d have a low carb option. I ignored the pizza and ate the dip, at first with a bit of pita bread, then just with a fork. I ignored the chocolate bumpy cake.

After the party, we went for an unplanned movie outing. I bought a water ($3.50!). I was pretty hungry when I got home, because I hadn’t eaten much all day. I ate some crab dip on 3 pita chips (6 carbs). It took restraint, but the dip was really good and I only needed 3 chips to scoop up a couple of tablespoonsful.


Day 62: Birthday party again

Weight loss: 15 pounds; next weigh-in: Sat., Mar 17th

I woke up the day after cheat day with no appetite and a huge stomach. I decided to have a light breakfast, so I ate a low-carb blueberry yogurt.

We attended our granddaughter Danielle’s birthday party at noon. I made some chili/cheese dip to take, but decided to use up the low-fat cream cheese I had on hand, which made it off limits for me. They served Pizza Hut pizzas, so I ate the toppings off of 2 slices.

The cake looked delicious, but I wasn’t really tempted to eat it. The Superman ice cream REALLY didn’t tempt me. LOL

Back home after the party, I worked on Ebay listings until about 8 p.m, at which time I was pretty darned hungry. Rick got out of his sick bed to bicycle up to the store for a chicken and Beddar Cheddar sausages. I ate 2 with mustard.

I hadn’t eaten much all day, so I was still hungry when Rick too his freshly barbecued rotisserie chicken off the grill. I took a small piece of the breast and whipped up some cauliflower mashed potatoes for a second late late dinner. We each had a piece of low-carb fudge afterwards. I was still 5 carbs under for the day.


Day 54: Delicious low carb tortillas and surviving a birthday party

Weight loss to date: 17 pounds; next weigh-in: Saturday, March 10th

Yesterday was Saturday. We decided to eat breakfast at home. I started playing around on the computer, and by the time I made myself breakfast, it was actually brunch. I decided I get enough eggs during the week, so I cooked some “Beddar Cheddar” sausages. They were meaty and moist, and I ate a handful of almonds as a side dish.

We spent the day cleaning for our granddaughter’s birthday party. I enjoy having parties, just because it means I’ll clean the house from top to bottom — then get to enjoy how great it looks for a couple of days.

I didn’t get a chance to have lunch, and I didn’t want to waste the pizza the kids were eating by tearing off the top, so I heated up some taco meat and tried the new Mama Lupe’s tortillas I received from They were really good and only 3 net carbs each.

Next was cake and ice cream time. My step-daughter Cindy made some beautiful fondant cakes and it was hard to resist. When everyone was busy filling their pieholes with rich cake and creamy ice cream, I whipped up some low-carb chocolate mousse. Of course, the adults wanted some of that, as well, so I made a huge batch. I only ate one portion, and it took away the craving for all that carb-laden dessert around me. I had a portion left over, so I froze it to see if it turns out like ice creams. Fingers crossed.

After everyone left, I sat down to watch some TV and was a bit hungry. The only problem was that my carb count was at the max for the day. I poured a big glass of zero carb almond milk, and that hit the spot.

Day 32: Surviving a birthday party

Lost: 0   Total weight loss: 13 pounds

Well, I’m stuck at 13, but nothing much I can do about it. If I give up, I’ll probably gain the same pounds back in 2-3 days. If I continue, something’s gotta give. (Plus the clothes feel much better!)

Yesterday began with breakfast at the diner. My friend, Jo, and I had some morning “ladies'” appointments. I had a feta omelet and 4 pieces of bacon. The waitress packed up the hashbrowns and toast in a to-go container for Rick. He enjoyed them with this morning’s breakfast.

At noon, I met up with Rick and a new web client. No time for lunch, so I was pretty hungry when I got back. I grabbed 2 handfuls of almonds.

My nephew Devan’s 16th birthday party was at 6. I knew I’d be better off attending it with a full stomach, so a threw together a dinner consisting of 2 franks fried in coconut oil, topped with turkey chili, no beans, and grated cheese.

Birthday party success

There were a lot of yummy snacks at the party, but I drank water, and kept my focus on the only thing I could eat:  buffalo chicken dip (chicken, Frank’s buffalo hot sauce, cream cheese, and ranch). I ate it with a spoon. LOL.

I didn’t look at the cake or ice cream (and didn’t really crave or miss it!). For a special treat, I had a caffeine-free Diet Pepsi.

All in all, it was a success. I enjoyed myself, and really didn’t feel like I was suffering from lack of snack/party food.