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Day 2: Stuffed jalapenos – perfect low carb / keto snack

Day 2 of my new beginning went swimmingly. I’m getting right back into the swing of things.

Breakfast was Rick’s egg/sausage/cheese bowl. As usual, eggs will be a staple of the plan – especially for breakfast.

2014-01-28 13.17.43Lunch – I had to meet Rick at the airport to return our rental car. That took up nearly 45 minutes of driving time, so I needed a quick, low-carb restaurant. The Senate Diner near my workplace is pretty fast, so we dropped in there.

I ordered two coney dogs with no buns. Delicious as I remembered.

We planned to have leftover marinara sauce on something, so I tried my fake “fettucini recipe.” It’s hardly a recipe, since all I do is trim fettucini-sized pieces from a yellow squash using a potato peeler. Plop the squash on a plate, cover with marinara and cheese and voila!

2014-01-28 19.17.48

I’d been meaning to try Lindsey’s stuffed jalapenos for a snack treat. They turned out really good, but they really didn’t taste much like jalapenos. They could have been any stuffed pepper. Maybe I should have left some of the seeds, or more membrane, in the peppers. I mean the filling was great, but I missed having the jalapeno flavor.

I’ll add this recipe to my Healthy Keto, since it’s pretty tasty.

That’s it; made it through day two with no hitches. Already feeling the energy. When I got in the car after work, after a few minutes, Rick said, “Well, you’re in a good mood!”

Was I? I think I had more than the usual energy after a long day at work. Let’s see what happens. On to day three….

Day 324: Success at the movies again

Total weight loss: 39 1/2 pounds

Breakfast – diner – omelet and bacon

Lunch was disappointing. I had purchased some shredded pork at Kroger when I went searching for new meal ideas the other day. The package claimed the pork was spicy and good for making carnitas. I heated it at work and made it into a taco with a low carb tortilla. It was bland and boring. I didn’t taste even MILD spices. Bleck.

After work, we went to see Skyfall, the new James Bond movie. On the way, we stopped in a McDonald’s for a quick 20-min dinner/snack. I ordered the angus wrap and ate it without the wrap.

I had a Diet Coke during the movie. Success! (The nachos sure did look delicious, but, oh well.) I discovered a really good treat, though: a small cup of jalapenos. They were salty and good and reminded me of eating a small bag of potato chips. Who needs the nachos to go with them? They were quite delicious by themselves.

When we got home, I had 2 squares of 70% chocolate with peanut butter.