Day 152: Saturday – 2 meals, not good

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Started the day at the diner with my man and my NYT crossword. Rick ordered the AUCE breakfast buffet, but it’s just a giant carb fest, so I demured.

I ordered a “choose your options” omelet. I chose cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, feta cheese, and grilled onions, with a side of sour cream, of course…oh, and bacon. YUM

Lunch/dinner. I wasn’t in the best condition after my deluge of wine Friday night, so I did a bit of napping. I then ended up eating lunch and dinner as a combo. If breakfast and lunch = brunch, I guess I had linner. And, linner was a bit off…4 pieces of pizza. This carb eating is getting out of control. I didn’t even add them up for the day. Let’s just say, they were over my keto allowance.

On the other hand, I drank about 15 glasses of water. Go, ME!

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