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Day 98: Last day of vacation

Total weight loss: 26.5 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 21st

Yesterday was Monday and the last day of my one-week vacation. I’m glad I took the extra day. I needed it to get my taxes done.

I started the day packing Ebay sales for the UPS store. Afterwards, Rick and I went to Baba’s for brunch. I had just gotten some bad news about my dad. He’s sleeping alot and not doing well. It may be time for hospice.

It was time for some emotional eating. Partly in honor of my last day off, and partially because I was still upset about my dad, I decided to eat one and a half chicken shawarma wraps – WITH the wrap. I haven’t done anything like it since starting the keto plan. Removing crusts, wraps, and buns is second nature to me now. BUT, I ate it all.

The day progressed. We worked on the rental house, then I came home and started in on the taxes. We got a great refund, but it took awhile to get all my receipts in order. We have a small business and a rental house and we spent quite a bit of money on both in 2011.

I worked through dinner, then around 9 pm, I was satisfied that I had found all of our expenses. I didn’t file, because I wanted to go over it all one more time, LATER. I met Rick out on the deck for a vodka and Diet Coke.

Around 10 pm, I received a call that my dad needed to be hospitalized. It was a bad ending to a tiring day. I ate some chocolate mousse in lieu of dinner and called it a night. In all, I only went over about 10 carbs, since I once again had eaten very little for the day.