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Day 112: Trivia night salad

Total weight loss: 20 pounds.(I HATE writing that!)
Next weigh-in: Saturday, May 5th

Monday morning began with a yogurt. By lunch, it was just one of those Monday’s…I didn’t bring a lunch, I was working hard, and I just needed something substantial to eat. I chose the lovely Baconzilla from the Checker’s a block away.

You know you’re eating somewhere too much when the clerk knows exactly what you are about to order. Oh well. It’s close, it’s keto-friendly, and it’s delish.

I was hungry at dinner time (surprise!) and didn’t want to order a lot at trivia, so I ate 3 rolls of ham with cream cheese and onion inside. These are not your fancy pinwheels. These are just pieces of ham rolled up and stuck in my mouth. Well, I did cut them in half, so I had 6 rolled “sandwiches.”

At trivia, I ordered the huge chicken club salad with a carryout container, since I knew I was only hungry enough for half.

Dessert at home was 70% chocolate with peanut butter. I also had 2 parmesan cheese chips with dip, just to have a taste.

Day 108: Dinner out – back on track

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

I forgot to show pics of my newest Netrition order yesterday. I bought 3 different kinds of cheese chips, plus some large Parmesan cheese crisps.

The crisps were the best, but all of the items were a bit pricy. I guess if you compare the 3 portions you get from each bag to the price of 3 portions of potato chips, they come out even in price. Maybe. They are a bit crumbly, but well-packaged. There just aren’t many of them. They taste about the same as the ones I make myself in the oven, but they are thicker and crispier. They make a great base for eating crab dip or other items usually eaten on crackers or tortilla chips.

By the way, the baked cheese “chips” are TINY. They would help assuage any chip craving, though.

To get back to my progress, I had a boring, but good day. I had yogurt for breakfast, almonds for a snack, a thick and yummy baconzilla with no bun for lunch, and a salad at trivia.

Day 84: How many carbs in a stuffed mushroom?

Total weight loss: 21.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 7th

What a way to start the week. I had a 3-hour long dentist appointment: one crown and one new filling. By the time I left, I had a numb mouth and a ravenous appetite.

On the way to work, I stopped at Checkers for a Baconzilla to go. I knew it would be a while before my mouth was functioning, but I wanted to be prepared for lunch. When I arrived at work, I ate a low carb yogurt to hold me over until the numbness was gone.

Around 2, I ate the burger with no bun, and I ate some almonds, as well.

After work, we had some Palmerworks business to attend to. We hadn’t gotten around to opening our company bank account, so we stopped at 5/3 Bank to do that. We stopped off at home afterwards and I ate another handful of almonds to tide me over until I had dinner at Albert’s trivia.

I usually order the grilled chicken salad, but my friend Jim pointed out that the crab-stuffed mushrooms appetizer looked like all low-carb ingredients: mushrooms, crabs, and cheese. I ordered them and they were really delicious. I donated the garlic bread to Jim. Keeping it honest, I also had one of his steak fries. I ate it in 4 very slow bites. LOL

When I returned home last night, I discovered a problem. As I attempted to enter my dinner into, I found a HUGE variety of numbers for the amount of carbs: everything from 3 grams of net carbs for 3 mushrooms to 10 grams for ONE. I started wondering…did they contain bread crumbs or some other high-carb ingredient I hadn’t thought of? What about the carb count of crab vs. KRAB?

How do I truly know if there are any carb-laden ingredients in anything I order at a restaurant?

I suppose those are the chances one takes when eating out. Keeping track of carbs is so much easier when I cook a dish at home, but neither Rick nor I have had time to cook this very busy weekend/week. I start my “vacation” Friday, so I’ll have some time to get a few dishes together for next week. I’d like to try a low-carb crock pot chili recipe I found online.

I ended the day with low carb chocolate mousse.

Day 73: The flu puts me way under my daily carb count

Weight loss to date: 17.5

I woke up feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t up to eating eggs. I ate a low carb yogurt instead.

By lunchtime I was quite hungry and went to Checkers for a baconzilla. I’m getting very adept at eating burgers in the bun by sliding the burger forward bite by and leaving the bun behind.

After work I dropped by to see my dad. I was really tired and just wanted to get home and nap. One home, I realized I had a fever and headed right to bed. I woke up for a little while at 9 pm and the only food that appealed to me was cream cheese! I ate about 3 ounces and went back to bed with a raging fever.

Fortunately, I woke up feeling fine. That was the fastest flu on record.

Day 70: Back to work and a lovely evening

Weight loss: 17.5 pounds; next weigh day: Sat., Mar 24th

Again, I missed breakfast. I took my egg/sausage meal with me to work, but didn’t have time to heat it. I decided to have a yogurt instead, but didn’t have time to eat that and forgot about it.

Around noon, I had a handful of almonds and I called Rick to ask him to meet me for lunch. He came up around 2 and we went to Checkers where I feasted on a Baconzilla.

After work, we went to see my dad at the nursing home. He was himself and it was a great visit out in the courtyard, so I called Marsha and the family came up to join us. We stayed until about 8 pm, then set off for dinner.

We had planned to visit for only a little while, then go find an outdoor cafe. Instead, we went up to trivia at Albert’s so I could deliver the gift card we won last week, so the team could pay for their meal. Rick and I ate pizza out on the patio. I, of course, didn’t eat the crust. I had a vodka and Diet Coke to end our beautiful, relaxing evening.