Day 281: Update on progress, 39 pounds off

Total weight loss: 39 pounds

In case you think I have fallen off the keto wagon, I have not. I have simply been overwhelmed by life and far too busy to blog. There is no chance for me to catch up on my daily progress, but here’s a recap:

When last I blogged, it was on the cusp of my son’s wedding. I blogged just before the celebratory dinners began. For the week or so before/after the wedding, I had cheat meals galore. In fact, I was off the plan.

The next week (the end of August), I started afresh. Before going off the keto plan, I had lost 38 pounds. I weighed myself before starting back on the plan, and was sad to see I had gained 4 pounds during my cheat fest. Sigh, back into the routine I went.

I stayed on the plan through September and October. Each week, I saw slow progress: 1.5 pounds down, .5 pounds up, 1 pounds down, .5 pounds up, etc. etc. No consistent loss or huge drops in my weight, but I did have at least one-two cheat meals or days a week (planned, and unplanned, depending on the week).

At my weigh in last Saturday, all the weight I gained in August was gone, plus one pound – total 5 pounds lost in September and 3 weeks of October. WHEW!

As an added bonus, I am in one size smaller in my work slacks. For some reason (the cut of the pants or whatever), I have not been able to get in a smaller size all these months. In jeans, I dropped a size long ago. Well, whatever the reason, the pants fit, so I must not quit. [bad pun, sorry]

There isn’t much to report from the past week. I have no new recipes or food ideas, and my meals have been somewhat boring, so I will begin my daily meal journal with tomorrow’s blog.

Oh, one thing I do have to report: I’ve had a stupendous amount of energy! From dawn til dusk, I’m going going going, and feel great! I guess a nearly 40-pound weight loss can relieve the body of  a lot of stress. I know if I pick up something that weighs 40-50 pounds, I appreciate how heavy that is.  I think it’s time to work more exercise into my routine. I feel very healthy now, and that will speed up weight loss and make me feel more energetic as well.

Goals – I’d like to get back to more inspirational meals. I’m going to spend this weekend investigating new ideas. I’m also thinking about recording my meals in again and getting more regimented in my intake. I have been estimating carbs based on the fact that I’ve been doing it so long. I’d like to see how much leeway I’ve been allowing myself by not recording every meal in a food calculator.

2 Responses to Day 281: Update on progress, 39 pounds off

  1. kim says:

    Hi Kate….I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you back….I started keto one week ago and your blog has been a true lifesaver and I go to it for encouragement recipes etc…just wanted u to know that u have an impact on those who stumble upon your blog..I’m excited to learn more from u:)

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Kim, Thanks for writing!

    I am so surprised and happy that my blog encourages you. I mainly started writing it to keep myself honest. I have to write when I eat things like churros, so there’s a little more pressure to stay on track.

    However, I actually forget that someone may read the blog. LOL. It usually seems more like a private journal while I’m writing.

    I really appreciate your comment, because it has motivated me to continue. I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back, but I am getting ahead slowly, but surely. Knowing that my struggles and the tricks or tips I discover can help you and possibly others is a nice bonus. I know I’m not struggling alone!

    Thanks again for taking time to comment. Good luck on keto. Let me know how you succeed!

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