Day 39: Progress!

Weight loss: 2 pounds    Total weight loss: 14 pounds

Oh, this is much better. It’s been 4 days since my last weigh-in and I’ve lost 2 pounds. I will now continue to weigh in only once a week, on Saturdays. I knew logically that if I continue to eat on this plan, I will lose weight, but going up and down a 1/2 pound or a pound at a time was very frustrating after eating nearly perfectly to the ketogenic plan. Seeing bigger numbers once a week should be much more satisfying.

I only needed to go into work for 4 hours yesterday, so Rick and I had a leisurely breakfast at the diner. I chose the spinach/feta/tomato omelet with 4 pieces of bacon. It was a filling start to the day.

After work, we went to Costco. I walked through the cheese and dip section looking at the carb count on all the products. I purchased the tzaziki sauce (2g), a jalapeno yogurt dip (1g), a crab dip (1g), guacamole (1g), and of course, Dubliner cheese. I’ve been eating a couple of avocados a week, but they spoil quickly. I’ve had the Costco guac at my friend Walter’s house and it was pretty good, so I thought the guacamole would be more cost-effective than avocados, due to the individually wrapped portions.

I walked through the cracker/chips aisle hoping to find something low carb, to no avail. Nothing good in the frozen section, except the vegetables, of course. I thought I might find pre-made eggplant lasagna or something like it, but nope.

I looked at the nutritional info on so many items, that I automatically checked the back panel on the shampoo I was looking at! Oops.

After making it through Costco for just under $200, we were both hungry. (We NEVER get out of there without spending lots of money, but we do have plenty of toilet paper and paper towel!) I had been craving a 5 Guys burger earlier in the week, so we dropped in there. Rick was concerned that I would be tempted by the french fries, but I’ve never been a big fan of theirs.

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger (the 2 patty version) with mayo and double grilled onions (no charge). I wasn’t sure if their relish is sweet pickle or regular pickle and the sweet type has a few more carbs, so I passed on the relish. Rick automatically ordered two pops, so even though I’ve cut down drastically on my diet soda intake, I decided to live it up! They had a cool new pop dispenser and I found Coke Zero lime, which was really a treat.

Back at the table, I removed top and bottom bun (of course) and ate with a knife and fork. It was a flavorful experience, and I ate slowly while finishing a crossword puzzle. Low carb, good flavor, win, win.

After a visit with my dad, we went home for the evening, and I headed to my office to work on client websites. We’re also updating our own website. It’s been a few years since we revamped it, and we were never really satisfied with the lack of information on the original site (the shoemakers children, etc.). While working, I snacked on some cocoa-flavored almonds. They were just okay, but I could see how they might be a nice treat if I am ever craving a chocolate fix.

For dinner, I reheated the other half of the Indian butter chicken and cauliflower, topped it with sour cream, and enjoyed it just as much as I had the day before. Dessert was chocolate mousse.

This keto plan is really the most satisfying I have ever come across. I have craved carbs maybe one time in the last 5 1/2 weeks. I don’t crave junk food, and I can pass up donuts, sweets, and chips without batting an eye, because I know that there is some form of low carb treat I’ll be able to eat instead. Of course, I have to give a big shout out to Rick! He has gone out of his way to study which foods are low carb, keeps the larder stocked, and cooks up dinners that I can eat on the plan, even while he sometimes makes a second meal for himself. The ironic thing is that he likes BBWs. That’s true self-sacrifice on his part. LOL

Thanks, honey.

In three days, I will have been eating on this plan for 6 weeks and so far I’ve lost nearly 15 pounds. I think I have gone over on my carb count 1 or 2 times – barely – and I have enjoyed many many of the meals. I have more energy, and it’s pretty thrilling to feel my clothes get looser. I haven’t had this much success on any of the past 5 or 6 attempts to cut calories and exercise. Viva keto!

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  1. Brianna says:

    Love reading about your journey. I just started Keto last week and so far it’s the best diet I’ve ever been on. I do have some questions for you (if you don’t mind!).
    What’s your total calorie intake per day? I use my fitness pal and try to keep under 20 (net) carbs a day. Do you count net carbs or total? You count veggies in your total right?

    Do you workout? I am an active, hard working 32 year mother of a beautiful 2 year old. So far my energy has been phenominal!
    Alcohol????- I love the occasional glass of red wine or a mojito/margarita at an outting… how has that been?
    Have you been to the doctor since you started? Have your numbers (cholestrol/blood pressure) been ok.

    I appreciate your time and will keep reading!!! Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for writing. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I had a little lapse in my blogging.

    I agree, this is the best diet (or “living plan”) I’ve ever been on. My weight has been up and down my whole life. After I had my son at 24, I gained 80 pounds. I lost it all in about 8 months with Weight Watcher’s. When I went off, I gained it all back. That happened a couple more times until here I am, starting all over again. In the past 10 years, I’ve tried many diets and lots of exercise regimens, and NOTHING HAPPENED! I would eat totally low fat meals and climb on my exercise bike daily and the weight didn’t come off.

    After seeing my son and his fiance lose with the keto plan, I thought I’d try it, and I LOVE IT. I lost right away, and even when I go through slumps, I keep seeing the inches come off. I also do not crave sweets and carbs at all. Every once in a while, I see something carb-filled that beckons me, but not very often. I think after I lose all the weight, I will be able to be on a regular low-carb plan for the rest of my life. (Crossing fingers!)

    Anyway, to answer your questions:
    1. I’m doing 60% fat, 35% protein, 5% carbs. My total calorie intake goal is 1510 calories, 19 net carbs, fat 109, protein 113, fiber 17

    I use myfitnesspal, too. I count net carbs after fiber, and I count veggies and everything in my total. In other words, if my carb total at the end of the day is 39, but fiber column says 20, I’m okay.

    2. I do not work out (yet). Despite losing ~30 pounds, I’m still pretty heavy, and I have a really sedentary working life. I sit all day at work, and sit doing web business at night, but I do work on renovating a house a couple of nights a week and on weekends. The construction work is about the only activity I have right now. I’ll be opening my pool in another week, so the swimming will start. I think that’s the most amazing part of the keto plan…that I am actually losing while SO inactive! I’ve got a new bike and a stationary bike, so exercise is in my future. I’m not making excuses, just plan to add the exercise in as more weight comes off. And, yes, I do have a LOT more energy!

    3. Alcohol… I was a red wine drinker, but I really hate using up the very few carbs I’m alloted for a few glasses of wine. Now I drink vodka and Diet Coke since that is NO carbs. I might have 3 or 4 on a Friday night, but I don’t drink too much other than that, maybe one drink a couple of other nights of the week. I’m still not sure how it affects the weight loss. I’ve read that it could slow it down a little, but I’ve never compared notes about how much I’ve had vs. how much I’ve lost that week. I DO think there is a correlation between not drinking enough water and slow weight loss, so I try to keep the water intake flowing.

    Margaritas are my favorite! I have only had them twice, on cheat days. I bought this low-carb margarita mix from, but haven’t tried it yet. It’s low carb, but STILL 5 carbs! I don’t want to think about what a real one is. LOL (

    4. Doctor…hmm, well, I don’t do doctors. I know that’s crazy, but I am pretty healthy despite my weight. Last time I went was about 6 years ago, and all my cholesterol numbers were great. I think the doctor was surprised. Overweight “healthiness” runs in my family. LOL

    Well that’s it. Hope I answered all your questions. It’s been a few weeks since you commented. Please let me know how you are progressing. Good luck!

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