Day 21: Ups and downs

Today’s loss:  +1   Total weight loss: 11

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day and it started with a one-pound weight loss. Today, I woke up to find that pound has returned!

I see no reason why I would gain today, so I’m just going to put it down to the vagaries of life, and keep on truckin’.

Last night, I was reflecting upon how this lifestyle change is progressing. It’s really a “livable” plan. I doubt that I will be able to forgo carbs completely for the rest of my life, but I was going over some of my favorite keto recipes in my head, and I’ve enjoyed them all quite a bit. I really liked the Cincinnati chili, tacos in cheese shells, spaghetti squash alfredo… and the fried eggplant was pretty good, too. Most of these recipes taste as good as any of the carb-rich foods I used to enjoy. Some taste even better.

I had Rick’s bacon and sausage special for breakfast. Lunch was leftovers again: Cincinnati chili. After work, I wanted to take a couple of hours to finish assembling my new desk. I hadn’t had any time over the past few days. Before I got started, Rick invited me out to the gazebo in our yard for some “wine time,” but I was reluctant to use up my valuable carbs.

Instead, we looked up vodka – zero carbs. I combine it with Diet Coke, and had a no-carb drink. I only drank one, because some of the sites I found online said your body will burn the drink calories before it will burn the fat. I don’t want anything to delay the fat-burning process.

For an appetizer with the drink, I had some BBQ pork rinds with spinach and artichoke dip. Since I had staved off the hunger pangs for a bit, I went in and finished the desk.

Late dinner (after 9) was two tacos made from leftover taco beef and freshly micro’d provolone shells. Somehow my carbs were all used up by that point (I thought), so I just drank water the rest of the evening. Later, I went over the list again and found that I inadvertently put in a glass of wine. I guess while playing with the alcohol choices to see which were bad choices, I left that glass in my daily count. I ended up going to bed with 4 carbs to spare. I’m sure I’ll make them up another day.

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