Day 13: Staying the course

Weight loss:   +.5     Total weight loss: 9 pounds

Hmm. I don’t like this upward trend, but my clothes are getting looser, so I won’t panic. Considering the alternative (going off the plan) isn’t going to make me lose any weight, so I’ll keep plodding along and hope something shakes up the progress. I’m feeling better and coughing less, so maybe I can get more exercise and show more progress.

It was back to work for me yesterday. Rick made me my usual morning breakfast sandwich, sans the muffin. It is really good heated up…all gooey goodness.

Lunch was an oddly thrown together wrap. I had intended to take tuna, mayo, and cheese and put it all together in a Flat Out wrap. Rick discovered these tasty, high fiber wraps awhile ago. Unfortunately, as I was running out the door, I couldn’t find any tuna fish in the cupboard, so I grabbed bologna instead.

At lunch time, I cut a wrap in half, layered it with a piece of bologna, some grated cheese, and a dab of mustard. A minute in the microwave, then rolled it up to make an odd, but tasty sandwich roll. I had a small salad with blue cheese on the side.

After a visit with Dad at the hospital (he looks quite a bit better), Rick and I went to trivia. Another salad, and the tops of 3 pieces of pizza, then home for some mousse and strawberries.

I’m still running short on carbs each evening. I’m just not hungry enough to eat a lot. I’ll have to plan larger meals.

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