Day 61: Cheat day is overrated

Weight loss: 15 pounds; next weigh-in: Saturday, Mar 17th

Yesterday’s cheat day was nothing to brag about. I skipped breakfast after my awful weigh-in.

While I was showering, Rick dug out his old recipe for low-carb chocolate fudge. It’s made from heavy cream and cocoa, and tastes a bit like the chocolate mousse recipe. It was our go-to recipe when we lived in Maryland and Rick was on sugar-busters. He chilled it to prepare for a snack later in the evening.

After doing errands and paying bills, Rick and I headed to Mexican Fiesta about 2 pm. Rick doesn’t care for the restaurant, but it serves my favorite meal in my favorite way: cheese enchiladas with rice and cole slaw. They also have the best chips and salsa in town. I’ve been frequenting the place since the 1980’s, but now I only meet friends there once in a while. Rick doesn’t like the food or the service, and he thinks the cole slaw as a side item is ridiculous and completely off for a Mexican restaurant.

No matter. I love it.

Sooo, since Rick had a cold and couldn’t taste anything anyway, he made the ultimate sacrifice and took me to MF. He ordered tamales and liked them (miracle!). I ordered 2 cheese enchiladas with the aforementioned sides, but also ordered a deep-fried flour shell taco. I knew I wouldn’t be eating there again for at least another 2 months until next cheat day. I enjoyed the chips and salsa tremendously.

I left about 1/4 of my meal and some chips to take home.

At dinner time, I ate the leftovers, followed by a cream-filled donut someone left laying around.

It was movie night at the Palmerosa, and we ate some of Rick’s low-carb fudge for a snack.

It was an anti-climactic cheat day, as there were very few foods that I’ve been craving. I’ve been able to find a satisfactory keto-friendly substitute for just about everything I like to eat. I hope this serves its purpose and shocks my system back into weight loss.

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