Day 42: Leftovers and salads

Total weight loss to date: 14 pounds

Next weigh-in Sat., Feb 18th

Yesterday was non-eventful. The day began with a trip to the dentist for some new fillings. Once I got to work (and my mouth was no longer number) I ate my delish “McRick” meal breakfast.

Lunch was 2 warmed up hotdogs in Cincinnati chili sauce.

Snack was 28 chili/lime almonds.

After work, I stopped by to visit my dad. By the time we left, I was pretty hungry, but it was off to trivia…

Dinner was at trivia (Albert’s in Garden City). I ordered the grilled chicken salad. It was huge and topped with shredded cheese, bacon, onions, and cherry tomatoes [which I donated to others]. It was a huge salad and very filling. It had lots of grilled chicken.

After trivia, Rick and I watched some TV and had our chocolate mousse dessert.

Not weighing daily is somewhat anticlimactic. Hoping that Saturday’s weigh in makes it worth the wait.

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