Day 112: Trivia night salad

Total weight loss: 20 pounds.(I HATE writing that!)
Next weigh-in: Saturday, May 5th

Monday morning began with a yogurt. By lunch, it was just one of those Monday’s…I didn’t bring a lunch, I was working hard, and I just needed something substantial to eat. I chose the lovely Baconzilla from the Checker’s a block away.

You know you’re eating somewhere too much when the clerk knows exactly what you are about to order. Oh well. It’s close, it’s keto-friendly, and it’s delish.

I was hungry at dinner time (surprise!) and didn’t want to order a lot at trivia, so I ate 3 rolls of ham with cream cheese and onion inside. These are not your fancy pinwheels. These are just pieces of ham rolled up and stuck in my mouth. Well, I did cut them in half, so I had 6 rolled “sandwiches.”

At trivia, I ordered the huge chicken club salad with a carryout container, since I knew I was only hungry enough for half.

Dessert at home was 70% chocolate with peanut butter. I also had 2 parmesan cheese chips with dip, just to have a taste.

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