Day 106: The unplanned cheat meal at my favorite restaurant

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

What a day! What a meal! What did I do!?

The day started as usual with a yogurt for breakfast and some leftover salad and almonds for lunch.

It was a busy day, and after work we were going over to pack up and loan our truck to Brandon and Lindsey so they can start moving up. We left work and started over, and I said we should stop somewhere for a drink and appetizer while we waited for them to get ready.

Our big mistake was stopping at my favorite restaurant: Mexican Fiesta

Here was my plan–get one margarita and eat about 6 chips and salsa

Here is the reality–ordered one margarita; however, the waitress pointed out that one was $7 and a whole liter was only $10!


I had nearly the entire liter, half an order of chips and salsa, 2 cheese enchiladas, and one beef taco.

And I was drunk, as well.

I guess I won’t go to my favorite restaurant unless it’s a PLANNED cheat day.

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