Day 107: Screwing up, part 2

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

Wednesday started with a low carb yogurt.

I came prepared for lunch, 2 beddar cheddars.

HOWEVER, there were lots and lots of leftover creme-filled donuts from a class at work. I didn’t want to cheat, but I wanted one bad. So I ate the creme out of the center of one and threw the donut away.

It was wasteful (except they were being tossed eventually, anyway) and I don’t know how many carbs it cost me. Have you ever tried to find donut creme in a nutrition chart?

This is the second time in two days that I have done something out of character on this plan. I generally just say no. I wonder what’s going on with me? Okay, my dad is probably dying, and I’m working on another deadline at my day job, plus running my web business, plus finishing up the home renovations with the sale looming (finally!) in the next couple of weeks. PRESSURE! But I’ve been under pressure before and haven’t succumbed to temptation. Hope I do better today!

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