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Day 81: Weigh day – bleck

Lost to date: 21.5 pounds. Today’s weight loss: ZERO

Oh well, I was kind of prepared for this zero loss since this journey has been so erratic. I have decided to have a cheat day. Whether today or tomorrow remains to be seen.

I started out yesterday with another looming deadline at work, but I took a few minutes to heat/eat my eggs and sausage breakfast.

The progress at work was slow, and I didn’t get to lunch until¬†3:30. To assuage my hunger, I had a quick almond snack around 1.

When I finally went to lunch, Rick and I popped in for a quick bite at Wendy’s. I had the grilled chicken sandwich and ditched the bun. It was just okay. The chicken was plump, but it didn’t have a lot of flavor.

For dinner, I was perplexed. I worked lots of over time and was already nearing a 50-hour week by the time I left work. I was tired and hungry, and still needed to do a little paperwork for Palmerworks before the end of the day. I quickly took care of that, then made 2 cheese quesadillas with Mama Lupe tortillas. I only ate one and a half.

Dessert was chocolate mousse.

Day 64: More than two months on keto

Weight loss: 15 pounds; next weigh-in: Mar 17th

I don’t know that I’m too happy to have only lost 15 pounds in 2 months. Then again, it’s better than gaining.

Yesterday was a typical day at work, rush rush rush to meet the book printing deadline.  I ate my egg breakfast at my desk, then took a 1/2 hour around 1 pm to have 2 Beddar Cheddar sausages. I had the usual almond snack between breakfast and lunch. Later in the afternoon, I had a low-carb blueberry yogurt.

I made sure to drink plenty of water again. I only made it to 6 glasses, but it’s better than I usually do.

I didn’t get home until about 7. I was perplexed as to what to make for dinner, then remembered I had tortillas and cheese, so I put together some quesadillas.

I was sure that I hadn’t had too many carbs, so I made two. After eating our chocolate mousse dessert, I added up my carbs and I was 6 grams over for the day. Damn. That extra quesadilla that I really didn’t need nor want was exactly 6 grams. You live and learn.