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Day 157: Oops…a margarita foils my day

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

The day started off well enough, yogurt for breakfast, almonds for a snack.

For lunch, I had a warmed up KFC breast* [please see this comment] and decided it wasn’t enough. (I told you, I’ve been hungrier than usual lately. I decided to have another of my patented BLS on a tortilla. Oops, however, I forgot to bring the tortillas to work. Sigh, okay, I have now invented a different version of the bacon, lettuce, and spinach. This one is in a bowl. And it’s MUCH healthier than a KFC bowl!

I forgot to mention that I made up a pan of “baked bacon” earlier in the week, so I’ve had plenty on hand when I need it.

Thursday night is family trivia night. We play at different bars each week, and this week we were going to play at 9 pm at Applebee’s. I knew I would be starving by 9, since lunch was at 1 pm. After work, Rick and I went to US 12 for some drinks and appetizers. I had Absolut and Diet Coke with steak bites….doing great on the carbs so far.

Then I went to Applebee’s. They have this special omn Margarita’s. I said, no. Then I watched my niece Marsha drinking hers and it looked soooo good. I ordered one, then, instead of a healthy choice, I ordered the cheesy artichoke dip with chips. It wasn’t great. Why oh why do I never learn? If I’m going to cheat on carbs, I should plan it carefully and not waste my time eating something that is less that heavenly. All in all, the margarita was good; the appetizer wasn’t great. I wish I had just stuck to fajitas and water like I did the week before.

Day 102: Pizza “Squasherole” – and a bad weigh-day

Today’s weight loss: +2.5 pounds!

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

DAMMIT! Gained again!
Saying I lost 26 and half pounds sounds WAY better than 24. I’m guessing it was the 10 or so alcoholic drinks I had last week. They were no carb, but I think they play with my hydration and loss. I did have that one carb-laden muffin, and I skipped a few meals. All in all, I need to get back on track with some healthy eating.
Yesterday was Friday and the end of a stressful and depressing week. My dad is still in hospital, although he is doing better. Rick and I are also trying to finish up the rental house repairs so we can sell it and recoup our investment. I’m back at work, plus we’ve been doing brochures and business cards for our clients.
Enough complaining…yesterday, I wasn’t hungry for breakfast, again. I waited until around 11 a.m, then had 2 Beddar Cheddar smoked sausages.
After work, we went to see my dad, then went back to Albert’s to have some more drinks on the patio, but this time, I ordered the steak bites with teriyaki sauce. They were good, but the 2 wings with blue cheese dressing that Rick gave me were even better.
We didn’t stay late, since the weather turned overcast and cold. Since I’d only had 2 meals, I was hungry by 8 pm. Rick was eating little pizzas made on English muffins. I couldn’t do that, so I decided to improvise and create a meal that would appeal to my need for comfort food.
I heated a small portion of spaghetti squash, then layered it into a glass dish. I topped it with 1/8 cup of pizza sauce, a layer of grated cheddar/mozarella cheese, then a layer of chopped onions. I topped that with a few dabs of cream cheese and I baked it in the oven with Rick’s pizzas for about 7 minutes at 350 degrees. I think I’ll call it “pizza squasherole.”
It turned out pretty good, not great. I ate about 3/4 of it, then had 2 squares of 70% cocoa bar with peanut butter for dessert.

Day 85: Love those steak bites

Total weight loss: 21.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 7th

Work wasn’t quite as crazy as usual. The book is at the printer, and now we just need to update little details for our upcoming class. I had time to heat my eggs for breakfast, but didn’t really prepare for lunch, so I just ate a yogurt I found in the fridge.

After work, we decided to go to a local bar that has outdoor seating. It was a beautiful day, and we sat outside watching the traffic go by. I ordered the teriayaki steak bites, gave Rick my pita bread, and enjoyed 2 vodka and Diet Cokes. It was a relaxing and fun date.

The steak bites were delicious, but I hadn’t eaten much all day, so I had a handful of almonds before bed and and topped so 70% chocolate squares with natural peanut butter. I was still well under 20 grams of carbs for the day.

Day 72: An evening outside at the bar

Weight loss: 17.5 pounds; next weigh day: Sat., Mar 24th

Yesterday started as usual with eggs/sausage for breakfast.

Rick and I were planning to go out to lunch. The weather has been unseasonably beautiful and I have enjoyed leaving my cubicle for at least a half hour in the sunshine. However, at the last minute, he decided to go over to the rental house and take down the fence. We had only put it up on one side of the yard and the paint job we started didn’t look very good. To be fair, since it’s a corner house, it wasn’t noticeable that there was only a half fenced-in yard, but Rick wanted it gone.

I was on my own, so I ate some almonds and a low-carb yogurt.

When quitting time came around, I was hungry and he was tired. We both wanted to have a drink somewhere with outdoor seating, so we went to a local bar not far from work: U.S.12.

I had 2 no-carb vodka and Diet Cokes. There was a new Mexican Restaurant installed in the bar, so we could choose from that or the usual bar menu. I was tempted, but the fajitas were pretty expensive, and everything else had chips, beans, or tortillas as part of the meal.

The regular menu had steak bites as an appetizer choice. They were cooked with mushrooms, and one of the choices for sauce was teriyaki. I checked out the carb count on myfitnesspal Iphone app….2 grams of carbs per tablespoon, so I ordered that.

YUM. The mushrooms, the tender steak, and the teriyaki were a great combination. I ate one corner of the pita bread that accompanied the meal, but it did nothing for me. It was a perfect evening: great food, alcohol, and my man.