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Review of some no-carb and low-carb foods

I’ve ordered and tried several low carb options, and now I’ve even found some zero-carb food items to try. I ordered these items from Julian Bakery.

  • Two loaves of bread: carb zero white and carb zero cinnamon
  • Two candy bars, one regular, one raspberry
  • A box of zero carb chocolate cookies

The bread – I’ve only tried the white bread so far. It’s dense, tasteless, and nothing to write home about. AND, it was $8 for a loaf! It’s similar to the texture of home-made flax bread. It doesn’t darken when toasted. It just gets really hard.

I don’t miss eating bread all that much. Sometimes, however, I’d just like a sandwich, or a piece of toast with peanut butter. This definitely is not worth the money and is not a very satisfying substitute.

I’ll update my blog with the cinnamon bread review soon.

The chocolate bars – Both chocolate bars tasted really really good. They were each a very good imitation of a high-carb bar, for only 2 carbs each. HOWEVER, it is really hot outside right now, and the box came with two extremely melted bars. I think I would either look for these in a store, or only order in the winter. They did ship from California, so maybe the winter idea wouldn’t work. The raspberry bar was dripping from the bottom, but, bonus!, it gave the plain chocolate bar a little raspberry flavor since it soaked up a bit of the juice.

The cookies – These were okay. They remind me a bit of the Snackwells chocolate cookie that I tried a few years ago. For zero carbs, they are a satisfying option. However, they are a little more than a dollar for each cookie, which should be factored in. I may try some home made cookie recipes from some keto recipe sites.


The problem with this whole order, is that I paid a REQUIRED $14 for shipping – supposedly 2-day air. The order arrived about ten days later. With the high price of the items, plus the shipping cost, these went over my usual food budget.