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Day 160: Sunday – another birthday party

Total weight loss: 25 1/2 pounds

We had our typical Sunday morning breakfast. I ordered a 3-cheese omelet with a side of bacon and enjoyed my NYT puzzle. I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime, so I just had a no carb cookie snack.

Dinner was a party at my niece, Marsha’s, house. I ate a brat, and some of her delicious buffalo chicken dip. It’s that dip that tastes like chicken wings, with spicy buffalo sauce. I just eat it on my plate with a fork. Who needs chips for dipping?

I caved in to my craving for bean dip and had about a tablespoon on three tortillas. All in all, I did okay and made it through another party without giving into the carb monster.


Day 95: Weigh day again

Total weight loss: +1 pound   Total weight loss: 26.5 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 21st

After having the really successful 6 pound loss a couple of days ago, I was fearing this weigh-in. I just assumed the big loss was a fluke caused by sickness and dehydration, and that all 6 pounds would be back today. Well….it wasn’t and they weren’t! I did regain one pound, but no big deal. I’m really geeked about the whole experience and flying high today because….

I lost a size!

Yes, last night I was going over to my niece’s for a bonfire and I decided to get out the next size smaller blue jeans. The ones I’ve been wearing have been feeling very very baggy this week, but I knew it was only a couple of weeks ago that I tried on a smaller size and still couldn’t snap them closed. I pulled out 2 pair, and VOILA! I had some “new” clothes to wear. And, for the first time, someone actually noticed that I was losing weight. My nephew said he thought I looked different. Thanks, Todd.

So, if this trend continues, about every three months, I could be down one size. That makes me very happy.

Back to the food report:

Yesterday was Friday. I slept in, then worked on a brochure for a client until noon. Rick and I went to Leon’s for brunch, where I had a really juicy M.O.P. burger. That stands for mushroom, onion, peppers…which were grilled and added to the top of my burger, along with some melted swiss cheese. I skipped the fries and subbed a salad with blue cheese. It was filling and delicious.

After lunch, we hit the Home Depot for supplies, then worked on molding and a new address plate for the front porch.

I skipped dinner and took a long nap. I’m still not completely over the flu, but just need to nap now and again. At 9 pm, we went over Marsha’s for the bon fire, and I ate some of her delicious Frank’s red hot buffalo chicken dip (with a spoon, not chips) and about 1/4 of taco salad. I drank one vodka/Diet Coke, since I was the designated driver. We had fun out by the fire until 1 a.m., then headed home.

I am completely off kilter in my sleeping schedule. I’ve always been a true night owl, and vacation usually sees me back to my old schedule. I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. watching tv and playing around online. I ate 2 70% chocolate squares topped with natural peanut butter for a snack.

Day 32: Surviving a birthday party

Lost: 0   Total weight loss: 13 pounds

Well, I’m stuck at 13, but nothing much I can do about it. If I give up, I’ll probably gain the same pounds back in 2-3 days. If I continue, something’s gotta give. (Plus the clothes feel much better!)

Yesterday began with breakfast at the diner. My friend, Jo, and I had some morning “ladies'” appointments. I had a feta omelet and 4 pieces of bacon. The waitress packed up the hashbrowns and toast in a to-go container for Rick. He enjoyed them with this morning’s breakfast.

At noon, I met up with Rick and a new web client. No time for lunch, so I was pretty hungry when I got back. I grabbed 2 handfuls of almonds.

My nephew Devan’s 16th birthday party was at 6. I knew I’d be better off attending it with a full stomach, so a threw together a dinner consisting of 2 franks fried in coconut oil, topped with turkey chili, no beans, and grated cheese.

Birthday party success

There were a lot of yummy snacks at the party, but I drank water, and kept my focus on the only thing I could eat:  buffalo chicken dip (chicken, Frank’s buffalo hot sauce, cream cheese, and ranch). I ate it with a spoon. LOL.

I didn’t look at the cake or ice cream (and didn’t really crave or miss it!). For a special treat, I had a caffeine-free Diet Pepsi.

All in all, it was a success. I enjoyed myself, and really didn’t feel like I was suffering from lack of snack/party food.