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Day 193: Weight loss success!

Today’s weight loss: 3 1/2 pounds

Today weight loss: 35 pounds

Wow! Today’s weigh in made me very very happy. It isn’t a record in terms of amount lost – I haven’t weighed in 3 weeks, so a pound a week average isn’t really exciting. However, this weight loss is significant in many other respects.

First, nine days ago was the 6th month “anniversary” of starting the keto plan. I haven’t weighed since then, so I didn’t know what my 6-month loss was. Now I know: 35 pounds. That averages to nearly 6 pounds a month, which means that in one year I could be down 70 pounds, a very significant life change – and change in my body, how I feel about myself, how my clothes fit, and how much more healthy I am.

I also had certain weight loss benchmarks in my head, and today I surpassed one. Being down 35 pounds means the plan works, and it works for me. This is the most weight I have lost in years. Low-fat diets, high-fiber diets, just cutting calories, exercising more…all great ideas, but NONE OF THESE worked for me! KETO WORKS!

Yesterday’s eating journal:

I worked at my desk at home all day on the new software going out.

  • Breakfast was yogurt
  • Lunch was leftover sloppy joe from the freezer, no bun, topped with onions, a little cheese, and mustard
  • Dinner was at the local diner – 1/2 flaming cheese appetizer, and  a gyro without the pita
  • Snack – half a hamburger patty from Rick’s leftover patty melt
  • Late night snack – 2 squares of choc/peanut butter

I’m beginning to wonder if the flaming cheese is keto-friendly. Maybe it depends on the restaurant, but yesterday’s cheese looked like it had a bit of breading on it. I’ll have to keep this little treat to a minimum.

Day 172: Small weight loss is better than a gain

Today’s weight loss: 1/2 pound

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

Not thrilled, but still happy to be maintaining and losing size.  I decided to have a cheat meal today and, hopefully, kick the weight loss up a notch.

Yesterday was Friday. I had a yogurt for breakfast and almonds for snack.

Rick came by and took me to the My Place Diner. I once again ordered a flaming cheese and a single coney dog without bun. It was a nice afternoon break. I usually worked through lunch at my desk, but I’ve decided to get out more often, because I come back refreshed and ready to get back to work, especially now that I eat low-carb lunches. Back in the day, I would eat something heavy and carb-laden and want an afternoon nap afterwards. Keto has changed all that.

We decided to skip working on the house. It was a beautiful, hot hot day, and I wanted to get to the pool. I quickly threw together some Indian butter chicken and popped it into the microwave. There is nothing easier! Water, butter, a packet and some quickly thawed chicken tenders chopped into bite-size pieces. Nuke for 22 minutes on half power, and voila!

While the chicken was cooking, I shredded half a head of cauliflower in the food processor. When the chicken was done, I put the cauliflower in for 5 minutes. Then I popped out to the pool.

A few hours later, I was soggy and happy. I joined Rick on the deck and drank two bottles of Michelob Ultra – 2.6 carbs each, then warmed up my Indian meal.

It was a perfect keto meal and great end to the day. Dessert was 2 squares of 70% chocolate with natural peanut butter.

Day 169: A giant bug bite and overcoming old eating habits

Total weight loss: 31 pounds

Tuesday morning’s usual schedule – I went to work and ate a low carb yogurt.

I was debating what to do about this 6-inch diameter bug bite that developed on my forearm over the weekend. It just wasn’t getting any smaller.

Rick was at a client meeting. Palmerworks has another monthly newsletter job. Rick enjoys creating those as much or more than he does making websites, so I was happy for him. I texted and asked him to pop by and get me around lunchtime and take me to a local urgent care place in Garden City.

I ate some almonds to tide me over. He arrived around 1:30, and I decided to get lunch first. I know that skipping meals always makes me more tempted to eat something risky.

We went to GJ’s Diner, and I had an urge for something different, so I ordered a flaming cheese saganaki appetizer. OPA! Rick ate half. Depending on what website you read, a whole order is from 3.9 to 20 or 30 grams. says 3.9 with 1.7 grams of fiber. I like that one! This didn’t appear breaded in any way, so I think my portion was under 5 grams.

I also had one coney dog sans bun.

Off to the medical place. Turns out I probably don’t have Lyme Disease. I got some antibiotics and steroids to take for a week. It was a nice, quick, well-run place. I have a sort of “doctor phobia,” and NEVER go. I could be on my death bed and still try to make tea tree oil cure me in some way (it didn’t work on the swelling bite; then again, maybe I didn’t give it enough time!). Anyway, the nurse and I were talking about low carb diets, which many of the staff had just started. I told her about pasta, rice, and potato substitutes and they were reading my blog when I left. Odd feeling knowing that someone actually reads this rambling journey.

Dinner: I had to work until 6:30 to make up the hours at lunch/doctor. We don’t have sick time at my place of employment, and I really didn’t want to dip into my vacation time. I arrived home at 7 to find 4 young children in my pool (2 grandkid plus friends). Before swimming, I sat on the deck with Rick and Cindy and had a nice relaxing low carb drink. Rick found these at Kroger and they have ZERO carbs! It’s called Sparkling Ice. I love the lemon/lime flavor. It’s good with a splash of vodka, too!

After swimming, the kids went home and I warmed up the chicken kabobs left over from Sunday. I followed it with 2 square of 70% chocolate.

Oh, as to the title of this blog? Whenever I had a bad day, in terms of things like having to go to the doctor, or any other activity I really dislike, I would always reward myself. The reward was usually something like a chocolate milkshake after a dental visit, or buying a bag of peanut butter M&M’s after a doctor appointment. As I was waiting for my prescriptions in CVS, I remembered that. I started to head towards the candy aisle. Suddenly, I took stock of how good it felt to be wearing a smaller size, and the hopefulness I feel when I think that 31 pounds off since mid-January could mean 60+ pounds off by Christmas. The 70% chocolate squares I eat are enough to satisfy me, so why play around with more carbs? I’m really proud that I can think through most of these old temptations. I think I can do this!

Day 168: Monday at work and trivia night

Total weight loss: 31 pounds

I had low carb yogurt for breakfast and some almonds for a morning snack.

Rick needed some things at Lowe’s, so he dropped by to pick me up. I bought the supplies we needed for the electrician to finish the jobs at the house we’re fixing up and selling.

After Lowe’s, we started to go to Culver’s, but it was pretty packed. Instead, we decided to try Ryan’s buffet. I always think I should be able to find lots of low carb options, but it was a pretty disappointing lunch. I had salad, of course, and selected anything I could see that looked like a good possibility: taco meat topped with cheese, a couple of tablespoons of chicken in teriyaki sauce, some broccoli. I also decided to try collard greens. Nope!

I did really well, but it wasn’t all that enjoyable and there were not many options. Not a wise expense.

At Albert’s for trivia and late dinner, I ordered the usual chicken club salad with blue cheese dressing. It is mighty filling, packed with grilled chicken slices, and muy delicioso!

When I arrived home at 9:30ish, Rick was sitting by a bon fire. I decided to have a glass of cabernet with him. We didn’t go inside for an hour, and then watched the season opener of HBO’s new Aaron Sorkin series: the Newsroom. I ate 2 squares of 70% cocoa topped with natural peanut butter. I don’t know if I would even like a real peanut butter cup anymore. These are delish.

Day 164: Chorizo and eggs and success at Max and Erma’s

Total weight loss: 25 1/2 pounds

Yogurt for breakfast.

Almonds for morning snack.

Lunch: I took the last piece of shawarma pizza to reheat for lunch. Somehow 3 other pieces disappeared from the fridge. Rick had a craving.

Brandon had some leftover chorizo and eggs which he donated to the cause. They were pretty good. I used to have chorizo and eggs in a tortilla for a delicious breakfast at my old friend Joan’s. I haven’t had that in 20 years. I think I’ll have to make some this weekend. Rick actually bought me some chorizo a while back and it’s in the freezer.

Trivia was at Max and Erma’s last night. If you recall, last week’s trivia at Applebees was a no-carb travesty. I had a margarita and tortilla chips. This was followed by last Sunday’s 4 pound  weight gain. SOOOO, I planned ahead and found that there is such an item as a “burger stack” on their low carb menu! Unfortunately, the waiter knew nothing about this option nor this menu, so I had to navigate the regular menu.

I chose a burger with buffalo mayo celery slaw on it (sans bun). I substituted broccoli for my fries. I was pretty damned proud of myself. It was just as good, if not better, than last week’s dinner. I eat dinner out alot and I’m always happy when I can find something low carb and satisfying.


Day 162: Another day on track

Total weight loss: 25 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was another “on-track” day. I think that huge weight loss scared me into keto-compliance. It has been quite a few months since I started this plan, and I really hate going backwards and seeing negative progress (now there’s an oxymoron!). It just seems like I’m wasting my time when I KNOW the plan works, and I dabble in carbs.

I’m also trying to balance that attitude with the one that reminds me that this is a journey, that I’m going to be doing this for a long time until I reach my goal, so I should lighten up and get some balance about it.

Anyway, breakfast at work was yogurt. For lunch, I made 2 beddar cheddars.

For dinner, I thought I’d make something Mexican. That’s my very favorite food, so why not do it in a no-carb fashion and enjoy it as much as I can. I cooked up some taco meat, topped it with cheese, onions, sour cream, and jalapenos, and enjoyed it very much.

Rick made low-carb chocolate mousse for dessert.


Day 156: Jar vs. home made, no comparison

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was hump day. Started out with a yogurt. Then I had some almonds for a midmorning snack. I’ve been pretty hungry lately, and I don’t know why, but the yogurt isn’t keeping me full until lunch anymore.

I have been sadly lacking in water consumption. I do have to come up with a plan that will help me remember to drink more water. I’ve read tricks, like drink an 8-ounce glass before each meal, plus one when you rise in the morning and another at bedtime. I am just so OC that I get totally involved at whatever project I’m working on and I forget to get a glass of water now and then. It’s a goal to strive for, because I know I lose more weight on weeks where I drink a sufficient amount.

Rick took me out to lunch. I had two coney dogs with cheese and no buns. They were good, plus it’s always nice to take a midday break from my cubicle on a sunny day.

Ah, dinner. It was quite disappointing.

I had leftover spaghetti squash, so I decided to try the new jar of Ragu alfredo sauce in a jar I picked up last week. It’s low carb, and I enjoyed the spaghetti squash alfredo I made at home, so I thought it would be a great option for a night when I was too busy to cook.

I was wrong. It tasted like bleck. It had a sort of “processed” taste, chemical-flavored? It was also very bland. I’m sure I could add some garlic or spices to the remainder of the jar and try again, but the whole meal turned me off. The net result was that I was full, I had eaten under my carb limit, but I was very dissatisfied with the meal. I like spicy food, and it just had no flavor.

Day 155: A busy day and a Burger King whopper

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was a typical day at work. I had yogurt for breakfast and a BLT for lunch. Okay, it was actually a bacon, spinach and tomato, so a BST. I made the sandwich in a low carb tortilla and add some mayo. It’s delish!

I had some almonds for lunch.

I stopped at Burger King on the way home from work, because we were going to be too busy to make dinner. Last night was pool opening night and my niece and her kids, plus daughter Cindy and the grandkids were all coming to help us take off the 27 foot cover. It went swimmingly!

Anyway, back to BK. I ordered a double whopper with cheese, no ketchup and removed the bun. It was okay, and I was sated. Worked for me! I’m sure there are all kinds of hidden fillers in the meat, and other things that make this a less than perfect choice. However, I’ve learned to adapt to this keto plan and do the best I can.

Day 150: Successfully navigating the tempting carbs

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Wow, yesterday had it’s ups and downs. I ate my yogurt breakfast, and had not prepared for lunch (again! you’d think I’d realize that I like to eat lunch once a day. LOL)

Rick dropped by and took me to Culver’s, where I had a butter burger with bacon, cheese, and no bun. One french fry.

After work, we went to work on the house. Brandon and Linz dropped by and were sorting through old clothes. I gained a new sweatshirt from Brandon and a pair of (size smaller!) jeans from Lindsey. I am really seeing some difference in size now.

Trivia night with the family team didn’t start until 9 at Applebee’s and wow, I was starving. Everyone ordered Margaritas…I was tempted, really tempted, but opted for water.

Then I started reading the menu. I had chicken last week, and it was pretty good. However, being hungry threw me off course and I just kept reading all these savory meals that had rice, potatoes, breading, and all sorts of side dishes that were verboten.

I finally reined in my wandering palate, and ordered the chicken fajitas. The plate arrived with rice. I ignored it, and the tortillas, and made a nice big pile of chicken, veggies, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. It was great! Who needs carbs? Not me.

Day 149: Staying on course and some looser clothing

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was hump day. I awoke feeling pretty bad about the unplanned carb meal from the night before. Then I put on my pants…they are looser! What is it about this illogical event that happens when I eat carbs? Afterwards, I seem to lose more pounds that week, or my clothes are looser.

Rick says my stomach inflates and stretched out my pants, then the next morning it deflates and the pants are now bigger. Thanks, honey. Except, I don’t put on the same pants on the second day. They are fresh from the laundry.  Nice try, tho!

So, off to work I went, puzzled but happy. I started the day with a low-carb yogurt. For lunch, I had a “blt” – low carb tortilla, 1/2 roma tomato, spinach leaves, and 5 pieces of overcooked bacon (just the way I like it!).

Snack: chili lime almonds

Delayed dinner…when I got home from work, I was dead tired, so I took a 15-minute nap. I’ve been a little more tired this week than usual. I think it may be depression due to my dad’s death. Anyway, I took the nap, then got up and went right to work on our company website. We’ve revamped it and have been about 90% done for months. Life, death, new clients, and home remodeling overtook the project. However, I want to do an advertising mailing, and the postcards are waiting to go out until the new site is up. Time to take the bull by the horns and get ‘er done!

I worked on it for hours. I worked through the hunger, so when I finally uploaded the site, it was about 9:30 and I wasn’t hungry at all! I decided to sit on the deck and have a celebration/relaxation drink. I had vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Never had it before, and I forgot to check the carbs in the juice of one lemon. I’ll do that later today.

After about 1/2 hour, I decided I had better eat. Starvation is not good for weight loss. I found a small portion of leftover Cincinnati chili (when was it from? don’t want to know) put it on top of 1 cup of leftover spaghetti squash, topped it with onions and grated cheese and enjoyed a quick meal. Then I went back to work, checking links on the new site before bedtime.

Oh, and of course, I had 2 squares of 70% chocolate bar topped with natural peanut butter.