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A change in plans – no more daily blogging about keto

If there’s anything I know about myself after all these years, I know I’m obsessive.

I want to stay on the keto plan. I want to eat perfectly every day, and I want to blog about my successes and failures in order to throw myself into this wholeheartedly.

However, I also have a lot on my plate (metaphorically) because I have a day job, a business, and a whole lot of things I want to do: write, continue to explore genealogy, travel, read, finish remodeling the house….

Instead of trying (and failing) to keep this daily food journal, I’m going to blog the highlights, issues, and new recipes or tips that I find in my daily trek through keto-land.

The blog posts may come once a week, once a month, or whenever…but they will keep coming.

As of today, I still haven’t weighed myself (I don’t intend to until I FEEL that a satisfying amount has been lost), but my clothes are getting looser, the belly fat is diminishing, and – best of all – I have tons of energy!

I feel great and I have hope that I can stay on the keto plan until I’m at my goal.

Day 6: Keto “fettucini” with cheese and garlic sauce and Bang Bang Shrimp

Breakfast was at home. I didn’t feel like eggs, and I didn’t feel like eating until around 10:30, so I tried a new recipe. Years ago, when I was a single mom (and still not much of a cook), I used to boil fettucini, then top with parmesan cheese and chopped garlic. I loved it. I decided to try it with yellow squash, shaved into keto fettucini noodles. Instead of parmesan, I used grated Dubliner cheese. It’s similar in flavor, but I don’t think it tasted as good as the real parmesan would have. 2014-02-01 11.32.35 It as a day for experimenting with new recipes.

For lunch, I decided to try a hot dog recipe I saw recently on one of those Food Network challenges. On the show, the contestant slit hot dogs, filled them with pepper jack cheese, wrapped them in bacon and deep fried them. I didn’t feel like getting the deep fryer out, so I did the same recipe with precooked bacon and put them in the microwave. There were only a mild success. The Hebrew National frank flavor completely overpowered the flavor of the bacon. I guess those precooked slices can’t hold up in the flavor department. The result was just okay. 2014-02-01 15.47.47For dinner, I had a craving for some bang bang shrimp. I love this dish at Dave’s Fish Market, and I really enjoyed the similar version of the shrimp I had in a restaurant in Florida last month. When we discussed the dish with the waiter in Florida, he said that the sauce was a simple combo of mayo, sweet and hot thai sauce and hot sauce. I looked up the recipe for bang bang shrimp online and came up with my own keto version. 1 1/2 cups of mayo 1 tbsp Taste of … sweet/hot chili 1 tsp srirachi sauce I sautéed a pound of shrimp in 1 tsp of butter mixed with 1 tbsp olive oil for 4 minutes. When finished, I coated with the sauce and let it simmer about one minute.

2014-02-01 19.34.23The picture doesn’t do it justice. My son said it looks like mac and cheese. Next time I make it – and I WILL make this again! – I will separate the shrimp and make it more attractive like they do at the restaurant. It wasn’t quite spicy enough for me, so I drizzled a little more srirachi over the top. YUM