Day 33: No brownies for me, thanks

Lost:  +.5  Total weight loss: 12.5

Sigh. Gained a half pound back. No reason I can think of. I guess I have to do something…drink more water? ride my bike? I’ll investigate the best way to jump start my system this afternoon.

I worked at home yesterday, first on my day job as a writer/editor, then for a couple of hours helping Rick create websites.

I made my favorite weekend treat: peanut butter pancakes and topped them with a tbsp of Polaner grape jelly.

Lunch was late and followed a handful of habanero almonds: 2 chicken shawarma, wraps minus their wraps.

Dinner was a quick couple of hotdogs with beanless turkey chili and cheese topping.

Jo came by to watch the 2nd and 3rd Stieg Larsson series Swedish movies, and she brought a pan of her famous yummy chocolate brownies. I abstained and whipped up some fake chocolate mousse.

I continue to look at breads, rolls, donuts, chips, and sweets and think how many carbs they would add to my day. Even one would essentially throw me out of ketosis. I have spent 33 days eating fewer than 20 carbs a day. At the most, I’ve gone up to 25 a couple of times accidentally. That makes it easy to say no to the carb-laden food.

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