Day 123: Another good weigh-in

Today’s weight loss: 2.5 pounds   Total weight loss: 26

Well, one more pound and I’m back where I was a few weeks ago. That part is frustrating, but going in the right direction again is satisfying.

Yesterday was Friday, and I went off my plan to NOT skip breakfast. I just wasn’t hungry, I still felt sick, and had a bad cough, and I was pretty busy at work.

At noon, I ate 2 pieces of leftover shawarma pizza. At around 4, I ate some almonds because we planned to work on the house for awhile right after work, so I knew I’d be eating a late dinner.

We did about an hour of work, but I didn’t accomplish much, because I still felt tired and under the weather. When we got home, I ate another piece of pizza toppings, then went out to sit under the gazebo with my man. I had a glass of vodka and Diet Coke.

For my late dinner, I had the final piece of leftover pizza, followed by some chocolate mousse


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