Day 121: Bon voyage party at Red Lobster

Total weight loss: 24.5 pounds

Yesterday was the last day at work for my friend Chris, the IT guy at work. He is off for greener pastures, and the boss threw had a goodbye lunch at Red Lobster.

Before going to lunch, I had a breakfast yogurt. I didn’t want to go into the den of temptation ravenous.

My best accomplishment? Ignoring the cheesy biscuits. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Red Lobster cheesy biscuit. Which reminds me, I have some Carbquik and should work on perfecting that fake biscuit recipe some more. But I digress.

We had a lobster pizza appetizer, so I ate the top off of my piece. I ordered the shrimp scampi with a side of broccoli. Do I have a halo, or what? Normally, I order the Walt’s fried shrimp with garlic mashed potatoes and unlimited CBs. This time I ate sparingly and had a little Caesar salad with my meal.

I really am not craving the carbs, and it really wasn’t that difficult to eat keto-friendly choices.

After work, we stopped by to see my dad, but he was sleeping. I’m always disappointed when I don’t get to talk to him.

We then set off for the Home Depot. We stocked up on the rest of the supplies we need to finish up the house for sale, then headed home for dinner.

I made another successful spaghetti squash and we had Cincinnati chili leftovers. The meal was just as good as the day before.


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