Day 173: Cheat meal: can’t handle the carbs

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was Saturday, hot, busy, and full of carbs. LOL

Breakfast…we ate a lovely brunch on the deck, followed by a relaxing swim. I opted for leftover Indian butter chicken on cauliflower rice. Rick had traditional eggs and such.

We worked on the house in the afternoon, then went to Mexican Fiesta for my planned cheat meal. I had run through a list of possibilities, but I don’t miss Chinese food or pasta as much as I do MF enchildadas and chips. I ate tortilla chips and salsa, two cheese enchiladas, one beef and cheese taco and 1/4 of my rice and cole slaw. I accompanied this delightful meal with a margarita on the rocks.

That was the good part. Then came the punishment!

I felt logie(sp?) and out of it, and could hardly make it to the car in my drunken carb stupor! On the way home (on this 95 degree day), we stopped for Mikkie D’s hot fudge sundaes. I was going to make the best of this cheat meal. When I got home (at 7 pm), I promptly fell asleep until 10 pm! I was OUT OF IT.

I just can’t handle the carbs any more. I enjoyed the meal, but hated the after-effects. Tomorrow, I’m back to keto.

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