Day 316: Early movie night – success!

Total weight loss: 41 pounds

Hump day! That was quick. We splurged on breakfast – again. Oh well, here are my rationalizations: I still have a bad cold, I’m up and going to work in this horrid cold winter weather, I deserve a little morning relaxation to get my day going right.

Rick and I both had our usual breakfast and I enjoyed the NYT puzzle. It IS a very relaxing way to start the day. My entire life I have been the “get up at the very last minute, shower, dress, rush out the door” kind of morning person. In other words, I am NOT a morning person. This habit of getting up a bit earlier to take time for a relaxing breakfast is new to me and I’m enjoying it – mostly – I still go to bed so late that I only acquire about 5 hours of sleep, but I’m working on going to bed earlier, too.

I digress. I had the grilled onion and egg omelet with bacon.

Lunchtime was spent out running around. Rick needed me to sign for his new camera delivery at Fedex. We went to the wrong store, rushed to the right one, then didn’t have much time for lunch. I got a Wendy’s chicken sandwich and ditched the bun. I ordered it with cheese, but they forgot to add it, although I was charged 40 cents for it. No time to go back and bitch.

We moved our traditional Thursday night movie to Weds, just for this week so I could meet the family for trivia on Thursday – which is the only night that worked well for all of us. Rick picked me up from work a half hour before the movie started, and I was famished. That chicken breast didn’t last very long.

I already know that I can’t go near a concession stand hungry, so we went through the drive thru at Mickey D’s and I ordered some kind of angus burger with cheese. I ate it without the bun (gulped it down quickly, I should say), then made it into the theater just in time for the beginning of “Lincoln.” My tummy was full, and I didn’t even blink an eye at the nachos (or the Sno-caps).

After the movie, we were up around 10 watching The Daily Show, when Rick wanted a snack. I caved and had a small piece of leftover chicken and about a 1/4 cup of leftover caulitatoes. I didn’t NEED the snack, but it couldn’t hurt. I figured I was way under carbs for the day.

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