Day 148: Carbs, carbs, carbs

Did you ever just cave in to the pressure? I did last night.

The day started well…low-carb yogurt.

For lunch, I had just the lamb and sauce on my gyro, with 3 tiny bites of the pita bread. (There I go, dabbling in carbs, again!)

Movie at 5 pm – just the Diet Coke for me, with 6 kernels of Rick’s popcorn.

Dinner at 7 pm – I was starving! I started with a zero carb vodka and Diet Coke. We were at Hayden’s and they have a great $10 combo meal. I chose the low-carb chicken marsala, the low-carb (I thought!) broccoli alfredo, and a Caesar salad. Skipped the battered appetizers, potato choices, pasta choices, etc. All was well.

Then came the complications. Sigh.

Right around the time the meal should have showed up, the waitress said she forgot to put in our order. The restaurant offered an appetizer on the house. There were NO carb-friendly choices, so we took the tempura shrimp. When it came, I ate one, then another, and two more! Well, in a whole week of good eating, how bad could it be?

When the meals finally came, I got more bad news. The salad wasn’t there, but there was a nice portion of mashed potatoes on my plate…right next to the pasta. Pasta? Oh, the “broccoli alfredo” was actually a whole lot of pasta with about 4 sprigs of broccoli underneath. I mentioned the salad, and the waitress said to keep the potatoes and she’d grab the salad.

Why do I always get carb-filled perks? Sigh. I know, it was probably dumb to not realize that there was pasta in broccoli alfredo, but I was picturing the garlic broccoli I had at Applebee’s I guess. Anyway, I just caved. I ate it, all of it…the chicken, pasta, AND potatoes.  Oh, and the salad, too. LOL

In the end, I had an unplanned cheat meal. Let’s see what happens on the scale this week.


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