My new food lifestyle: ketogenics

January 12, 2012. That’s the day I started eating “keto.”

My son and his fiance had been considering going keto, and once they started, they began seeing immediate weight loss.

The idea intrigued me. During the past several years, I have tried dieting several times, but saw few results. I adhered to strict high-fiber, low-fat regimens, and rode 12 miles a day on my stationary bike, but was always disappointed by the results: NONE.  The scale wouldn’t move, despite weeks of healthy eating and regular exercise.

I read some of the recipes and the idea behind how a ketogenic diet works, and thought I’d give it a shot.

Day one has been surprisingly easy. The most difficult part of this regimen is getting it through my head that I can eat high-fat food. Bacon? mayo? beef? cheese? If eating like this results in weight loss, I can get used to eliminating the high starch and breadstuffs from my life.


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