Day 5: Zero progress

Weight loss: 0

Total: 6 1/2

I was slightly disappointed to see no progress on the scale, but I was expecting it. I assumed that losing a couple of pounds a day was only a fleeting accomplishment due to water weight loss. I didn’t think that I would continue to lose at that rate, but I could always hope!

On the bright side, I have energy to spare. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. And I’m not really hungry at all. I guess lots of fat and protein leads to a satiated appetite.

Yesterday, I had some scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast; the eggs had onion and cheese in them.

Lunch was pulled pork tacos and some home made cheese-its with a tsp of avocado dip on each. I made 3 tacos, but was full after two.

Dinner was rushed. We took Dad back to my nieces, and by the time we got him settled, I was pretty hungry. I fried 2 Hebrew National Kosher hot dogs in butter, then topped them with Hormel chili/no beans. I was still pretty low on my calories/protein, so I through on some grated cheese and ended up with a satisfying, if gooey mess. I laugh every time I think of the odd combinations of “fattening” foods I’ve been cooking up. It totally goes against my grain to not seek out low-fat cheeses, condiments, and other foodstuffs. This takes some getting used to, but it’s certainly a pleasant way to lose weight.

Rick and I sat down to watch the Golden Globes and I literally whipped us up some dessert: heavy whipping cream with a tsp of cocoa. Yum.

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