Day 17: Adapting cheesy meatloaf to lo-carb version

Lost: 1 pound   Total weight loss: 11.5 pounds

Yesterday I worked from home – my day job for 8 hours, then my web business for another three. I had an early breakfast of omelet with cheese and sausage, the took a short break for bbq’d pork rinds and a couple of tbsps of artichoke dip for lunch.

Did have time for dinner until I was finished tweaking a web page around 8, but Rick had baked his famous cheesy meatloaf earlier. He adapted the recipe for my keto plan: subbed heavy cream for the milk, used crushed pork rinds instead of bread crumbs, and left off the bbq sauce topping. It was tasty, but not as yummy as his usual recipe. I’m not sure which switched ingredient made it taste more like traditional meatloaf, possibly the lack of bbq sauce. We’ll have to find or make a low carb version to try.

For some reason, I wasn’t too hungry for dinner, so I just had a large slice of the meatloaf with a glass of coconut milk.

I was really under on my daily carbs/fats, etc. I spent the next couple of hours relaxing and watching Downton Abbey while munching on chocolate mousse and dark chocolate squares dipped in natural peanut butter.

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