Days 90, 91, & 92: Knocked out by the flu, giant weight drop

Today’s improptu weight-in: 6 pound loss!  Total weight loss: 27.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 14th

I guess there are easier ways to lose weight than being sick for 3 days, but it was a nice perk after a few disappointing days in bed on my VACATION.

I came down with some type of respiratory infection accompanied with a raging fever on Sunday, was still sick in bed on Monday, and finally made it to the couch on Tuesday. Today was the first day I’ve actually felt like leaving the house or accomplishing anything.

My food diary is pretty hit and miss. I ate nothing on Sunday. Rick made me eggs Monday morning, and brought me 3 meximelts from Taco Bell that evening. We both agreed that the keto plan could rest for a couple of days. Yesterday, I ate a yogurt, some almonds, and a Big Mac. I even tried to eat pierogis, but they had no taste. No matter what I ate, I only did it for the nourishment, because I didn’t enjoy the flavor of anything.

This morning, I finally felt like getting up and out of the house. I wondered if going off keto for the past three days was countered by the fact that I ate very little, so I thought I’d check out the scale. A 6 pound loss! I know it’s water, but it’s encouraging. We’ll see what happens at Saturday’s weigh-in.

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