Day 161: Totally on track and some disappointing no carb bread

Total weight loss: 25 1/2 pounds

Monday morning started out with low carb yogurt. For lunch I made a bacon, spinach, and tomato on  zero carb bread. The bread is really disappointing. I think I liked it just as well in a bowl last week.

I ate some almonds for a snack, since I knew I wouldn’t be eating dinner til around 7:30 at trivia.

At Albert’s, I ate the grilled chicken club salad with blue cheese. The dinner was delicious. The trivia score was not so great.

For dessert, I had a zero carb cookie. I’ll probably order these again, because they’re a nice conservative treat. I probably should investigate the ingredients, because who knows what I’m eating that makes them taste okay at zero carbs.

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