Taco shells

I love Mexican food, but assumed I would have to forgo tacos for awhile. I started thinking about how those little cheese chips on parchment paper could possibly be made larger, when I discovered (through the wonder of the internets)  that provolone cheese slices can be heated in the microwave (again, on parchment paper). Once out of the oven, and while still soft, fold the melted cheese in half to make the perfect shape to use as taco shells!

Credit should be given to the reddit.com “keto” subgroup: http://www.reddit.com/r/keto/. The redditors are so supportive of fellow keto noobies, that most of my questions were answered just through their comments.

Since making taco shells from provolone cheese, I’ve now also come across some made from bacon! Ah, the inventive minds that go into these keto recipes are never at rest.

Bacon taco shells!

Credit goes to the Hungry Dudes on tumbler. Check out the site, but don’t scroll down too far, because the site isn’t entirely keto-friendly and has some bad food porn.

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  1. FarrahMayleigh Knight says:

    Hi there, Yes I’ve made these before to make shredded chicken tacos as well as shrimp tacos. They are really good and fill the craving for crispy tacos. They only thing is they are soooo filling! I was overstuffed on 3! Keep the recipes coming.

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