Faux Cheeze-its

These “cheeze-its” are a life savor for anyone who needs something to convey their dip to their lips. I’ve found lots of sites with this so-called recipe, so I’m not sure who to credit, but I did find the original idea on reddit.com/r/keto.

Many of the recipes call for baking the cheese in the oven, but I’m not that patient.

I took parchment paper, lined my microwave tray and put tiny piles of cheese on the paper. The piles were about and inch or more apart, and I was able to get 6 on the tray.

All microwaves vary, but these 6 took about 1 minute and 20 seconds to melt, then bubble. That’s it! Peel and eat with whatever low carb dip you happen to have. I like mine with spinach, avocado, and parmesan dip from Costco.



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