For me to do anything well, I have to immerse myself in the process. After a successful year on the keto plan, and after enjoying a 40-pound weight loss, I regressed back to my old eating habits.

After some soul searching, I realized I need to really LIVE this keto plan. I need to pull out all my old recipes, find some new ones, and try to reinvigorate the old excitement I felt at the beginning of my keto journey last year.

Healthy Keto is a new website I began as part of this process. It’s not a journal of the ups and downs of the weight-loss process – that’s what this site records. Instead, I’m going to research all I can about the ketogenic process, find lots of good ideas for how to stay with the plan, and make one giant resource for others who are starting their keto weight-loss journey.

Visit and let me know what you think. All ideas are welcome.

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