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Day 173: Cheat meal: can’t handle the carbs

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was Saturday, hot, busy, and full of carbs. LOL

Breakfast…we ate a lovely brunch on the deck, followed by a relaxing swim. I opted for leftover Indian butter chicken on cauliflower rice. Rick had traditional eggs and such.

We worked on the house in the afternoon, then went to Mexican Fiesta for my planned cheat meal. I had run through a list of possibilities, but I don’t miss Chinese food or pasta as much as I do MF enchildadas and chips. I ate tortilla chips and salsa, two cheese enchiladas, one beef and cheese taco and 1/4 of my rice and cole slaw. I accompanied this delightful meal with a margarita on the rocks.

That was the good part. Then came the punishment!

I felt logie(sp?) and out of it, and could hardly make it to the car in my drunken carb stupor! On the way home (on this 95 degree day), we stopped for Mikkie D’s hot fudge sundaes. I was going to make the best of this cheat meal. When I got home (at 7 pm), I promptly fell asleep until 10 pm! I was OUT OF IT.

I just can’t handle the carbs any more. I enjoyed the meal, but hated the after-effects. Tomorrow, I’m back to keto.

Day 151: Weigh-in…nothing to report

Today’s weight loss: 0

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

While it’s disappointing to see no progress on the scale, I keep seeing the inches coming off. After some crazy carb consumption this week, including the sad state of affairs from last night that I am about to report, zero looks GOOD. At least it’s not in the plus column. I do hope to get past the 30 mark [again] next week, tho.

I started my usual day at work with yogurt, and ate 2 beddar cheddars for lunch. I left work early because we had tons of things to do, then a wine-tasting party to attend at 6.

I knew in advance that I would be drinking wine, and, each glass being 3-4 carbs minimum meant I was basically having a cheat night, and so I did. The eating wasn’t horribly off, although I did have guac and more tortilla chips than I normally would have. The big cheat was the wine. I had 3 gazillion glasses, then switched to rum and Diet Coke, then switched back to wine. In other words, I got smashed!

So, to see no upward movement on the scale after last night’s wine carb binge, plus the evening at Hayden’s, is a good thing. Today, I get back on track!

Day 148: Carbs, carbs, carbs

Did you ever just cave in to the pressure? I did last night.

The day started well…low-carb yogurt.

For lunch, I had just the lamb and sauce on my gyro, with 3 tiny bites of the pita bread. (There I go, dabbling in carbs, again!)

Movie at 5 pm – just the Diet Coke for me, with 6 kernels of Rick’s popcorn.

Dinner at 7 pm – I was starving! I started with a zero carb vodka and Diet Coke. We were at Hayden’s and they have a great $10 combo meal. I chose the low-carb chicken marsala, the low-carb (I thought!) broccoli alfredo, and a Caesar salad. Skipped the battered appetizers, potato choices, pasta choices, etc. All was well.

Then came the complications. Sigh.

Right around the time the meal should have showed up, the waitress said she forgot to put in our order. The restaurant offered an appetizer on the house. There were NO carb-friendly choices, so we took the tempura shrimp. When it came, I ate one, then another, and two more! Well, in a whole week of good eating, how bad could it be?

When the meals finally came, I got more bad news. The salad wasn’t there, but there was a nice portion of mashed potatoes on my plate…right next to the pasta. Pasta? Oh, the “broccoli alfredo” was actually a whole lot of pasta with about 4 sprigs of broccoli underneath. I mentioned the salad, and the waitress said to keep the potatoes and she’d grab the salad.

Why do I always get carb-filled perks? Sigh. I know, it was probably dumb to not realize that there was pasta in broccoli alfredo, but I was picturing the garlic broccoli I had at Applebee’s I guess. Anyway, I just caved. I ate it, all of it…the chicken, pasta, AND potatoes.  Oh, and the salad, too. LOL

In the end, I had an unplanned cheat meal. Let’s see what happens on the scale this week.


Day 114: An evening at Greek Town

Breakfast: Yogurt

Lunch: Planned – leftover chicken shawarma pizza; Reality – Taco Bell
I left home with what I thought was a grocery bag containing 2 pieces of shawarma pizza with garlic sauce. In reality, I had grabbed the leftover pizza bottoms/crusts I was going to give my dog. Since I was having a cheat meal later in honor of my son’s birthday, what the heck? I had 2 chalupas and nachos from Taco Bell

Dinner: Brandon wanted to go to Red Smoke in Greek Town. I knew up front that this was going to be a cheat meal. I had the pulled pork which comes on Texas toast. I chose mac and cheese as my side order. The meal also came with jalapeno corn bread. There were a half dozen bbq sauces from which to choose. I tried them all and my 2 favs were the poblano and the cherry bbq flavors.

At the end of the meal, I felt giddy and light-headed. I think I was actually drunk on carbs. I didn’t drink anything harder than water, so it could only have been some kind of carb effect.

The meal was delicious. The conversation flowed. Afterwards, someone had the bright idea to get ice cream (me) and I had one scoop of chocolate peanut butter. When I returned home, I crashed and tumbled into bed.

I certainly got any carb cravings out of my system. I seriously do not want to eat like that as a habit, which would have been my normal future. I feel better and more energetic on keto, and I look forward to formulating new and exciting menus and getting back to the plan.

Day 106: The unplanned cheat meal at my favorite restaurant

Total weight loss: 24 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 28th

What a day! What a meal! What did I do!?

The day started as usual with a yogurt for breakfast and some leftover salad and almonds for lunch.

It was a busy day, and after work we were going over to pack up and loan our truck to Brandon and Lindsey so they can start moving up. We left work and started over, and I said we should stop somewhere for a drink and appetizer while we waited for them to get ready.

Our big mistake was stopping at my favorite restaurant: Mexican Fiesta

Here was my plan–get one margarita and eat about 6 chips and salsa

Here is the reality–ordered one margarita; however, the waitress pointed out that one was $7 and a whole liter was only $10!


I had nearly the entire liter, half an order of chips and salsa, 2 cheese enchiladas, and one beef taco.

And I was drunk, as well.

I guess I won’t go to my favorite restaurant unless it’s a PLANNED cheat day.