Day 114: An evening at Greek Town

Breakfast: Yogurt

Lunch: Planned – leftover chicken shawarma pizza; Reality – Taco Bell
I left home with what I thought was a grocery bag containing 2 pieces of shawarma pizza with garlic sauce. In reality, I had grabbed the leftover pizza bottoms/crusts I was going to give my dog. Since I was having a cheat meal later in honor of my son’s birthday, what the heck? I had 2 chalupas and nachos from Taco Bell

Dinner: Brandon wanted to go to Red Smoke in Greek Town. I knew up front that this was going to be a cheat meal. I had the pulled pork which comes on Texas toast. I chose mac and cheese as my side order. The meal also came with jalapeno corn bread. There were a half dozen bbq sauces from which to choose. I tried them all and my 2 favs were the poblano and the cherry bbq flavors.

At the end of the meal, I felt giddy and light-headed. I think I was actually drunk on carbs. I didn’t drink anything harder than water, so it could only have been some kind of carb effect.

The meal was delicious. The conversation flowed. Afterwards, someone had the bright idea to get ice cream (me) and I had one scoop of chocolate peanut butter. When I returned home, I crashed and tumbled into bed.

I certainly got any carb cravings out of my system. I seriously do not want to eat like that as a habit, which would have been my normal future. I feel better and more energetic on keto, and I look forward to formulating new and exciting menus and getting back to the plan.

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