Day 155: A busy day and a Burger King whopper

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Yesterday was a typical day at work. I had yogurt for breakfast and a BLT for lunch. Okay, it was actually a bacon, spinach and tomato, so a BST. I made the sandwich in a low carb tortilla and add some mayo. It’s delish!

I had some almonds for lunch.

I stopped at Burger King on the way home from work, because we were going to be too busy to make dinner. Last night was pool opening night and my niece and her kids, plus daughter Cindy and the grandkids were all coming to help us take off the 27 foot cover. It went swimmingly!

Anyway, back to BK. I ordered a double whopper with cheese, no ketchup and removed the bun. It was okay, and I was sated. Worked for me! I’m sure there are all kinds of hidden fillers in the meat, and other things that make this a less than perfect choice. However, I’ve learned to adapt to this keto plan and do the best I can.

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