Day 69: Another great day for bicycling

Weight loss: 17.5 pounds; next weigh day: Sat., Mar 24th

The weather was great again, but I had quite a few items to take care of before I could go out and play. I heated up the leftover mockaroni and cheese for breakfast and sat down at my desk to get my dad’s taxes and other paperwork in order. I also worked on our website business and various bills and other chores.

After I got some laundry done, Rick persuaded me join him on a bicycle ride up to the diner for lunch. I ordered the gyro with fries, gave Rick the fries and ignored the pita bread.

After dinner, I went a little wild and ate 3 french fries. They weren’t as good as I thought they would be.

The mockaroni and cheese from breakfast was calling me again. I ate the rest of the leftovers for dinner. We had some chocolate mousse for dessert.


3 Responses to Day 69: Another great day for bicycling

  1. Felecia says:

    I would jet like to caution you on gyro meat. I found out the hard way that most gyro meet is full of carb filler. I had a gyro salad and horrified to find out after the fact that I had just eat 38 net carbs for lunch. After checking the net I was informed…and sad. I love gyro meat. 🙁

  2. Felecia says:

    Sorry for typos …stupid ipad

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the tip. I know it’s much safer to eat at home because of those hidden fillers. I’ll probably avoid gyros at restaurants and just make my own at home next time.

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