Day 52: Burger and drinks at the bar

Weight loss: 14 pounds; next weigh-in: tomorrow

Getting antsy about weighing in tomorrow. I sure hope I see some weight loss.

Yesterday, I had egg breakfast and almond snack at work.

I had to leave early for an appointment. I rushed home to pick up some paperwork and decided I’d better eat since dinner would be much later.

I piled some taco meat on a plate, topped it with salsa, grated cheese, and sour cream. I ate the last of the Mexican rice as an accompaniment. I just skipped the shell completely, because it was quicker, and it’s really not necessary when one needs a Mexican food fix.

It was nearly 8 pm when I left my appointment, and I needed a drink. Rick and I went to Beaver Creek and I had 2 vodka and Diet Cokes. I debated getting a salad, but instead chose a 1/2 pound burger, no bun, with bacon, grilled onions, and pepper jack cheese. Of course they came with some delicious looking steak fries, which were donated to a good cause: Rick.

Okay, this picture isn’t authentic; I stole it from Yelp. I was tired and forgot to take a picture for the blog, but mine did look just like this — without the bun.

I asked for some mayo and that added a bit of flavor to the burger. I took my usual 1/2 bite of fry, and moved the rest to the other side of the table.

We had chocolate mousse for a late dessert when we got home.


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