Day 86: Deli fare

Total weight loss: 21.5 pounds   Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 7th

I skipped breakfast since I was busy and not very hungry. My appetite is definitely waning this week.

For lunch, I ate 2 beddar cheddars.

After work, I had an impromptu hair appointment. I was pretty hungry and we had time to explore Plymouth, so we stopped a little deli. I ordered the chicken caesar chiabbata sandwich with parmesan cheese. Of course, I didn’t eat the bread. It was filling and had nice flavor. I like that I am far more adept at wading through the high carb menu items than I was at the beginning. I can usually find something that is adaptable to the keto plan.

In the evening, I worked on my dad’s paperwork again. This time for about 3 hours. When I was done, I wanted a drink. I had a vodka and Diet Coke out on the deck with Rick. I wasn’t hungry for dinner, so I ate some almonds instead.

After watching some TV, Rick wanted dessert, so I whipped up some mousse.

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