Day 99: Back to work, one bad choice

Total weight loss: 26.5 pounds. Next weigh-in: Saturday, April 21st

Tuesday it was back to work for me. I haven’t been working the keto plan as well as I used to be. I eat too little, I splurged on the wrap yesterday, I went totally off while sick last week, and I’m not planning good, nutritious meals and lunches. Time to get back on track. (I AM losing pounds and inches; however, so that part is A-OK!)

I was up several times in the night because the hospital kept calling to update me on my dad’s condition. Is that an excuse for what followed? Maybe.

I went back to work and started in on meetings and deadlines. I took time to heat my McRick breakfast of eggs, sausage, and cheese. There was a public workshop taking place in the conference room and lots and lots of bagels and large, inviting Dunkin Donut’s muffins for employees and students.

I think you know what happened.

I ate a huge, sugar-topped, chocolate chip muffin.

I was tired, my dad may be dying, I didn’t want to be back at work, blah de blah blah. I ate the friggin’ muffin and relished every bite.

Then the carbs took effect. I was really really tired. Sluggish. Muddle-headed. I felt just awful – physically and psychologically.

An hour or so later, I made 2 beddar cheddars. I felt a little better, but still logey. I looked up the bad news on these muffins here. For a cheat “meal,” it was a really bad choice — 81 net carbs. Sigh.

After work, Rick and I went up to the hospital to see my dad. He didn’t seem as bad as I expected. He may pull through this latest crisis, after all.

We headed home, and I skipped dinner. I wasn’t very hungry and I had lots of phone calls to make. I think in my head I decided to minimize the carb damage by skipping dinner, but I was hungry in a couple of hours. I made a “comfort food” concoction made up of a cup of spaghetti squash and a cheese mixture I threw together: sauteed onions in butter, heavy cream, cream cheese and grated cheese. It was bland, but did the trick.

Tomorrow: BACK ON TRACK!

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