Day 146: Catching up

Total weight loss: 29 1/2  pounds (Gained 2 in Saturday’s weigh-in)

I’ve been remiss in keeping up my blog for the past 2 1/2 weeks or so because life became more complicated, and more depressing.

My father passed away 11 days ago. He was in the late stages of dementia from Alzheimer’s and it was a tough thing to watch. With all the nursing home visits, complicated by my having an upper respiratory infection, plus working a day job, running my web business, and trying to finish up renovating a house to sell, this blog just didn’t make it to my list of essential things to do.

However, I have been keeping to the program throughout. I’ll admit, I was tempted to have some emotional eating binges, but I really only ate carbs the day of the funeral, when I honestly didn’t care whether I ate the bun on a Big Mac, or not!

The day of my dad’s burial, my husband and I left town for an improptu trip to my dad’s house “up north” on Lake Huron. I stayed on the keto program the entire time, bu I did eat an ice cream sundae on a lark on the trip back home 3 days later.

I skipped one weigh-in (the day of the burial), and I think I did eat carbs that morning and during the drive up north, now that I think about it. However, I am pretty proud (and surprised) at how ingrained the keto habit is now. The next weigh day revealed a 2 pound weight gain, but I am still losing size. In fact, I got behind on doing laundry and had nothing to wear a few days ago, so I pulled out one pair of jeans I’ve been waiting to try to fit into, and voila!, they fit!

So, I will get back into the blogging habit now. However, I don’t really record my calories/carbs in much since I can pretty much do this carb calculating by heart now.

Back to recording:

Yesterday was Sunday. I made some eggs with cheese and onion for breakfast. I had about 6 pieces of baked bacon with that.

Lunch was Pizza Hut – the topping from a pan pizza with cheese, sausage, onion, and jalapeno. I had two trips to the salad bar: romaine lettuce, onion, cheese, creamy Italian, and a couple of sunflower seeds on top.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner, due to the late and large lunch, so I had some almonds for a snack, and then Rick and I made some chocolate mousse. Haven’t had that in quite a while.

That’s it for Sunday. It feels good to be back on habit, and great to know that I can keep on the keto plan through good times and bad. I really hope and pray that this is a lifelong habit. I believe after the past 2 1/2 emotionally draining weeks, that the habit is ingrained and I’ll do okay.

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