Day 158: The Greektown buffet and some exciting no-carb purchases

Total weight loss: 29 1/2 pounds

Friday started out with yogurt, then 2 servings of almonds for an early morning snack.

I had fulfilled my 40 hours by 1:30 pm, and Rick and I were going downtown to record my dad’s death certificate. He loves the buffet at the Greektown Casino, and wanted me to try it.

We were done with our errands by 2:30, and headed over to the buffet. I was underwhelmed. The food was just okay, but my attitude was probably spoiled because I decided to have a cheat meal and that always leaves me feeling overly full, tired, and lacking motivation. By my old eating standards, my cheat meals are saintly: I had a piece of pizza, a bit of chicken with sweet/sour sauce on rice, and some lasagna. (That is probably only the second time since I started the keto plan that I consumed pasta!)

I also had a dessert: a piece of pecan pie and a tartlet. And then I CRASHED. I honestly didn’t think I could walk back to the parking garage without falling over asleep. The food wasn’t all that tasty and once again, I had regrets for going off the plan.

I skipped dinner entirely. I was full, bloated and done eating for the day…or so I thought. Rick started reminiscing about the bacon wrapped hotdogs we used to get at the diner when we were teens (separately… we didn’t know each other that long ago). Around 10 pm, I decided to take some of my already-cooked bacon and wrap it around 2 hot dogs. I nuked them, topped with cheese and onions, and had a late night snack. I followed the dogs with a no-carb cookie from the food order that was waiting for me on the porch when we got back from the casino. The cookie was just okay, but it will be a nice option if I’m ever desperate for a cookie.


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