Day 12: Too full for dinner

Weight loss:   0    Total weight loss: 9.5

I would normally be disappointed to see no progress on the weight loss, but this huge nearly 10 pound loss has kept me motivated. This is the first diet where I’ve see a big weight loss, so I’ll just keep biding my time and eating right and it’ll come.

Yesterday I almost goofed up. Rick and I went to a local diner for breakfast and since I love hollandaise sauce, I ordered the eggs benedict. Rick ordered the breakfast buffet. As soon as the waitress left, I decided I’d better check the carb content, but I was pretty sure I’d read online that the sauce was an okay keto diet choice.

Well, the LEAST amount of carbs I could find listed were 6.5. The most said 31 (perhaps with the muffin?). Anyway, thinking about it, I’d end up eating 2 runny eggs with sauce and no muffin, and I don’t even like Canadian bacon! Bad choice all around.

Rick caught the waitress on his trip to the buffet and cancelled my order. I hit the buffet and had 2 servings of scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of bacon and 2 pieces of sausage, all for a total of 4 carbs!

The exciting part of the meal was that I walked past biscuits and gravy, cakes, hashbrowns, and all sorts of high carb food items and didn’t even blink. I have never experienced any diet like this. I simply do not crave the bread, pasta, and sweets!

We spent the day putting a desk together and I had a late afternoon lunch of 2 cheeseburgers, topped with mustard, and a few BBQ pork rinds with spinach dip on the side.

By 9 pm, I just wasn’t hungry for dinner. I had a snack of natural peanut butter and 2 70% dark chocolate squares. I tried some almond milk (1 net carb) and added 2 drops of sweetener. I think I like it better than the coconut milk, but they are both a nice substitute  because I do miss drinking milk.


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