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Yummy new keto snack to add to my arsenal: salt & vinegar almonds

Rick and I went to the movies last night, and I knew enough to prepare by snacking on something before going in. Those concession stands are nothing but a big, expensive, and carb-filled enemy to the keto plan.

I love chili lime almonds and eat them daily as a snack at work. They have often saved me from pigging out on one of the fatty treats that my workplace always has on the snack table. I am a BIG lover of salt & vinegar potato chips, so when I discovered S&V almonds on Amazon a couple of months ago, I started looking for them on the local shelves. I always order in bulk from Amazon, and I didn’t want to take a chance by ordering a whole lot of something that I didn’t like very much. I needed a small taste test first.

Well, Rick found a 1.5 ounce pack at CVS, and they are as good as a handful of salt & vinegar chips. I loved them! I felt like I was indulging in some forbidden treat. Needless to say, I ordered a dozen cans from Amazon this morning. That amount should last me quite awhile, and I’ll always have a nice back-up treat when temptation calls.


Day 2: Chicken Marsala in a foil pack

So far so good.

I was running late yesterday morning. I would have gotten to work about 1/2 hour early if I skipped breakfast or stopped for a drive thru McDonald’s breakfast. Hmm. Hardly the way to get back on track. I had really been looking forward to hitting the diner with Rick, but we both hate rushing through breakfast in fewer than 25 minutes.

I hit on the remedy – carryout breakfast from the diner. It’s just a little out of the way from work, so I called ahead and ordered an omelet and bacon. We swooped by to pick it up, and I arrived at work 1/2 hour early, where I relaxed, did a crossword and ate breakfast at my desk.

It was more expensive than a breakfast at home, and a couple of dollars more than a Micky D’s breakfast, but I’ve spent money on worse things. It was a good start to a fresh keto diet day, and I’m glad I thought of it.

Lunch was late – around 2 pm, after an afternoon meeting. I ate 2 Beddar Cheddars and some almonds.

Dinner was a recipe I haven’t posted before: Rick’s chicken Marsala. He makes a quick and convenient dinner in individual foil packets that we can both easily eat as leftovers the next day – or for lunch. He usually sacrifices and leaves the leftovers for my eating pleasure, because he can eat anything, after all.

Here’s his recipe.

2013-03-19 19.47.08

2013-03-19 19.48.33

And the final product, with some cauliflower mashed “potatoes.”

2013-03-19 19.50.21


Dessert was an Adkins coconut bar.

Day 175: Monday trivia

Total weight loss: 31 1/2 pounds

Monday morning on a short week…my vacation starts Wednesday. Woohoo!

I had some cherry low carb yogurt for breakfast and some almonds for a midmorning snack.

I’ve been really really hungry lately. The steroids I’ve been taking for my giant bug bite may be to blame. Fortunately, I took the last one yesterday morning, so we’ll see…

I was supposed to meet Rick for lunch, but some Palmerworks business got in the way. He’s got a new client newsletter that keeps growing and growing. I took some time out for 2 beddar cheddars.

Within an hour, I was hungry again. What gives? I ate some more almonds.

After work, I had about an hour for a swim, then I was going to a new restaurant for trivia. I was FAMISHED. I stopped at Wendy’s on the way home and ordered a grilled chicken sandwich, but skipped the bun, of course.

Trivia was at the Penn Grill and Bar in Plymouth. It was crowded, warm, and noisy. Despite being really really hungry again, I ignored all the carby foods on the menu and ordered a grilled chicken salad. I really wanted some deep fried appetizers – any deep fried appetizer, or pizza, or….whatever. I got the salad with bleu cheese. It was just okay.

Got home around 10:30, and I was hungry AGAIN. First, I dropped by the deck and had a Michelob Ultra with Rick, then I ate some tortilla chips with spinach dip. And another donut.

I know, this is crazy. I really really hope it was the steroids that made me do it (or the devil?). I haven’t been off track like this since I started. I do great all day, but fail at night.

Tomorrow is another day.